How Going Gay-For-Pay Reassured Malachi Marx He Is Straight

There were times where I asked myself, am I gay? Is this just something that I’m using as an excuse? And I spent a lot of time exploring that in my mind … I appreciate guys, I appreciate male camaraderie. I know what to appreciate out of males but I have no desire to have sex with them for pleasure. I’ve never done anything gay if I haven’t been paid for it. I put on a game face, a facade, a character, and I make money. … It’s great money and a fast lifestyle if your mind and body can handle it. But I’ll be so glad to get out of it.

—Malachi Marx, the escort and on-again-off-again RandyBlue.com performer, on his gay-for-pay career that had him earning $25,000 a month (and hating himself) [via]