How Going Gay-For-Pay Reassured Malachi Marx He Is Straight

There were times where I asked myself, am I gay? Is this just something that I’m using as an excuse? And I spent a lot of time exploring that in my mind … I appreciate guys, I appreciate male camaraderie. I know what to appreciate out of males but I have no desire to have sex with them for pleasure. I’ve never done anything gay if I haven’t been paid for it. I put on a game face, a facade, a character, and I make money. … It’s great money and a fast lifestyle if your mind and body can handle it. But I’ll be so glad to get out of it.

—Malachi Marx, the escort and on-again-off-again RandyBlue.com performer, on his gay-for-pay career that had him earning $25,000 a month (and hating himself) [via]

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  • Nick

    More like gayface for pay


    Chace Crawford is an escort???? :-p

  • Blaine Ward

    Biggest pile of crap I’ve read in quite a while!

    “I have no desire to have sex with them for pleasure”

    Bitch, please!! Someone give this guy an Academy Award for being the best at “not having pleasure” so convincingly!

  • BabyILikeIt

    25 thousand a month? Right. That’s why he quit to write a book that nobody published and nobody would read. And if he had so much money and hated the way he got it, why go back? Major loser in denial with one testicle is what he is.

  • horus

    confused ‘malachi’?


    Couple of points…….I am hoping he puts away a whole lot of that 25k he makes per month for future therapy this “doting Father” will have to spend for his two kids when their schoolmates begin to pass around videos of what their Father does for a living

    If ya use the Googles on this not Gay dude you will see lotsa pics of him………………..

    One would think it would be difficult to announce that you are not Gay when you are being photographed with one dick in your ass and another in your mouth………..

  • Qjersey

    @BabyILikeIt: I call bullshit, no performer is pulling down that kinda cash.

    Regardless, hope his women like wearing a strap on, because his hard on and cum shots “aren’t acting” when he’s getting pounded.

  • frozen north

    wow. nothing more bitchy than a gay community spurned.

    seriously, what do you care?

    don’t you look at porn because the guys are hot? do you really think they’re going to show up and deliver pizza (etc) to you?

    and hard dicks while getting fucked can be achieved through chemistry…among other things.no?

    damned if you do/damned if you don’t: either their str8 and don’t get into it enough (ala Bel Ami) or they do act it out great and they really just closeted gays (ala Malachi)

    I know we want our porn actors to be gay, but there are probably many business conditions that prevent it. Get over it. Enjoy the visuals, then go out meet someone for real gay sex.

  • Brandon H

    Well, in his defense most porn shoots are hours long just to make a 20 minute video. It’s almost never a continuous erection, just edited to look that way.

  • Jack E. Jett

    I am far too smart to buy into this gay for pay bullshit.

    If he is getting paid…then he is gayer than me. If I want to see real straight guys having sex……I go to the straight section of Xtube.

  • Marcus

    $25,000 A MONTH????

    Randy Blue is paying that kind of money?

  • Joseph

    I can never undertand these ‘gay-for-pay’ porn actors. why do a job that you don’t get anything from?

  • Blaine Ward

    @frozen north: You obviously care too. You’re here, aren’t you? So speak for yourself, asshole!

  • Zach

    @frozen north:

    There are a lot of gay-for-pay actors. He’s not one of them.

  • concernedcitizen

    I don’t even understand the whole “gay for pay” business in the first place! Are there not enough gay actors who’d like to get into porn and wouldn’t it be easier using guys that are actually attracted to guys and proud of it? I personally would never want to sleep with a guy who didn’t find me attractive and wanted to sleep with me, but everyone is different.

  • concernedcitizen

    @Marcus: The pornstars make tons of money not from porn shoots alone as those only bring in $5000.00 or so per scene but from the escorting people!!!! Their glorified hookers who make tons of money selling their “services”.

  • Black Pegasus

    “Gay for Pay” is a Myth!

    Porn companies use these terms and scenarios to
    draw in the viewers. Gay men (for some reason) have
    this fascination with Str8 men, so Porn companies will
    try to capitalize on the craze.

  • [email protected]

    From what I’m told he’s a very nice guy, and from what I’ve seen he is just drop dead cute.

  • Baxter

    @Marcus: It obviously depends how many scenes you’re shooting each month. I very much doubt that he was making money at that rate for an entire year.

  • Jamie

    Why, oh why, do we continue to care about Malachi? He disses the homos, says he’s quitting us to write a tell-all (about how bad it is to be gay-for-pay), can’t get anyone to read it let alone publish it, and then comes crawling back. What do we do? “Oh, poor widdew Mawachi, what can I kiss to make it bettew?” ENOUGH!

  • Latebrosus

    From the interview:

    “One surprise for Malachi was the high number of straight men with families who would hire him. ‘I started finding out the truth about people and relationships when I started having sex for money,’ he said.

    For example, there was the ex-KGB Russian client, a 6 foot 3 inch tall man who would show up to Malachi’s place with a gun strapped to his belt….But the guy — who was married with two children — wasn’t threatening. He just wanted, uh, companionship.”

    Holy besheezles. This is claiming that there are men out there who pay for sex with other men, and both parties insist that they’re not gay.

    Where the fuck does that fall on the Kinsey scale???

  • Cam

    I love how he “Questioned whether he was gay”. Give me a break. Do you like sex with men? yes, or now, end of story.

  • David

    “He’s not gay” – as ribbons of hot cum splash across his face.


    He is claiming between makin porn and escorting he makes 25k per month. I always question the absurd amounts of dollars these cocks for hire claim. Afta the George Reekers Givanni luggage carrying drama, I and am sure thousands of others checked out rentboy to see where it all began. Good lookin guys to be had for 150.00 if thats your gig…………I can’t see how this guy can claim that he makes up to 1000.00 per session when it seems there are lots that can be had for a lot less……….He has a nice sized tool, but its not like it shoots jewels with the jizz to get that type of coin….

  • L.

    25k a month?

    Wow. Granddad would have had him gulag-ed for making so much.

  • concernedcitizen

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: even the low rent escorts charge a lot. It’s not 150. flat fee its 150.00 per hour or two for the low rent hoes. Now if your a porn star you can get a little more.
    PS I’m just presenting facts this is not an endorsement or condemnation of such activities

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Maybe he can use some of that money to pay back the people who placed advanced orders for his never published book on his website.


    @concernedcitizen: Thank you, I appreciate your concern……… :-p

  • Chipsy

    How sad are we? So desperate to claim a guy as “one of us” even though he isn’t. Are we that insecure?

  • concernedcitizen

    chipsy you can have him because I DEF don’t want him, he’s cute but clearly he’s got more ISSUES than a newstand in Times Square!

  • Richie616

    Meh..I don’t care.

  • MetroDC

    It’s stunningly sad how so many members of the gay community project their insecurities onto a person they don’t know. So he had sex with a guy and was paid for it, SO WHAT?! That doesn’t make him GAY. The same people who claim there is a clandestine agenda of certain men to hide their sexuality are the very same people who say that a guy they like, regardless of his true sexuality, must somehow be secretly gay because a gay person finds them attractive GROW UP. The world isn’t black and white and we cannot continue to fight against the true bigots who abhor homosexuality by attacking the very people who are heterosexual and are standing shoulder to shoulder with us.

  • Blaine Ward

    @MetroDC: Shoulder to shoulder? You’re kidding, right? That is the most clueless thing I’ve read so far! Are you that dumb? Any guy who “puts on a game face, a facade” is not standing shoulder to shoulder with us! You unbelievable idiot!

  • concernedcitizen

    @MetroDC: I agree with Blaine Ward and you must be seriously demented if you think he’s doing it for anything other than the money, he’s no advocate for the gay community get a clue!

  • PopSnap

    Would I have sex with a straight girl for money? If I was in a club and approached and offered something like a thousand, then yeah, I would. I would have trouble keeping it up.

    Would I have sex with a straight girl for money if I had to say, drive a few hours? If I were offered a couple thousand, then yes, I would. Again, I’d have trouble keeping it up.

    Would I do that if I had a BF? NO.
    Would I do that if I had kids? HELL. NO.
    Would I do that if I had kids, a boyfriend, had to fly halfway across the country and had to shoot, reshoot, re-film for about six hours while sticking my dick into something that somewhat grosses me out AND only getting paid a thousnad dollars (He is NOT getting paid 25,000 a month)?

    NO. You would refer to THAT as being a straight guy.

    Replace the gender pronouns and such and you have his situation. He’s gayer than the Castro on a Saturday night in June.

  • DR

    He wants to go, can we just say “goodbye” now, then, please?

  • nikko

    Gay for pay= bad news for all. First of all, what does it say about a man willing to do anything for $$? No conscience. Would they do the same thing as a sniper?
    Having sex that turns you off can only cause resentment and confusion, not open-mindedness or well-integrated indidvuals.theses guys constantly go on about how straight they are! Not, ” I’m bisexuakl”, but “I really only have homo sex for the money, not because it’s hot, guys are beautiful, it’s a good thing,etc.” nSo homo sex for theses guys is always a no-no except when money is involved. What a slap in the face to all of us!!
    What does it say about gay studios that promote the lies of gay-for-pay that they are willing to not openly affirm men who love/lust men but portay them as something inferior to the desirable straight man? Big turn off. We have enemies within our midst, not just the outside christian groups protesting our very sexuality and rights. Fucking disgusting. Listen, straight guys, If your straight, I usually don’t want you. Stick to legitimate ways of earning a living, and stop flattering yourselves. Besides, it may very well explain why gay porn has been so boring in the last few years.

  • nikko

    @Latebrosus: At the end of the scale where it reads “DELUDED”

  • El Brucio

    Well, with Viagra and the allure of making 25,000 dollars a month, I suppose it *could* be true.

    When I was 18 my first job was minimum wage and I was making way less than 25,000 dollars a *year*. I’m 100 percent gay, but if you told me then that with a bit of Viagra and a willingness to have sex with someone I found about as exciting as a piece of furniture I could make 300,000 dollars a year I would have leaped at the opportunity. You manage to do that even a couple of years, and you’ve just paid for your future school tuition and a nice house.

    But the part that makes me suspicious is the money itself – does a newcomer starting out really make that kind of money? And if they don’t and are allegedly straight, what keeps them in the industry until they become a star?

  • Manuel

    It’s kind of weird that a bunch of guys who are unlikely to ever have sex with this guy are chiming in on whether or not he’s gay or straight. And the guys that are going to have sex with him will probably pay for the “privilege”. Does having gay sex make us gay? Are you still gay when you’re not having sex? Is there a certain amount of gay sex you have to have before you’re no longer allowed to think of yourself as straight? As bisexual?

    And all this anger and venom about it… It’s kind of depressing to see gay men doing what straight people have always done: make all kinds of broad judgments based on a limited perspective. He’s selling a product, and you either want to buy it or you don’t. No one is making you watch him have sex for money. It’s really that simple.

  • PopSnap


    I wouldn’t mind it as much if they were at least open-minded about it. As someone else said, it’s always “Oh, no no no! I just do it for the money. I’m straight, really. I have a wife & kids. Icky. I would never find another guy hot. It just grosses me out!”

    it’s never “Well, obviously I am not 100% straight. I just prefer to be with women. I appreciate all of my fans, gay males or straight females. I just believe in being open-minded when it comes to sex.” It is NEVER that ever.

  • biguy

    @Manuel: I couldn’t agree more about the identification part, if people want to restrict themselves to having sex with just men or just women that’s fine with me. Why is it that some people flip out when I choose not to restrict myself? I know for a fact I can pull hotter guys if I act like I’m straight or on the fence than if I come out and say I’m bi and am just out with my gay friends for fun.

  • Ms. Pink

    A lot of porn actor and sex professionals were sexually abused as children or exposed to pornography at an early age. A lot of them have become very adept at detaching during sex and letting their body go into auto-pilot mode. This kind of depersonalization is not uncommon. Sex is rarely a pleasurable act for people like this. Sex is a means to an end and becomes something that leaves them feeling hollow.

  • Blaine Ward

    @Manuel: There’s another thing that’s “really that simple” : You’re a clueless idiot! Read what Popsnap wrote just above. He nailed it!

  • Blaine Ward

    @biguy: What you wrote is a perfect definition of manipulation. You just hanged yourself with what you wrote. A minipulator and a user is what you are! As if we don’t have enough of those already!

  • biguy

    @PopSnap: You are right he should just say he’s ambivalent, however he really might feel like presenting as straight is part of his porn allure. I do prefer the open-minded classification though. Choosing one or the other is just a recipe for anxiety to me.

  • ChrisM

    @PopSnap: I don’t see anything wrong with what he said. He never said gays are icky. He actually mentioned himself questioning if he was gay (which is kind of stupid, but most questioning straight people are sincere in their uncertainty). He doesn’t sound defensive – he sounds like he’s answering a question posed to him honestly. I know that if I got caught up in a job screwing women, I would want to get out of it as soon as possible, too.

    Besides, why would this guy hide the fact that he was gay? He has sex with men – to any homophobe, that’s just as bad as being gay. There is no reason for him to be in the closet.

    I’m sick of gays accusing people of being gay. Not all homophobes are closet cases, and not all gay-for-pay actors are gay-for-real. Insistence that they are is not only shallow but it makes your accusations sound like insults. At which point you start becoming as much of a problem to the gay community as (you think) that person is.

  • nikko

    @ChrisM: Since when does a straight guy get into gay porn to figure out he’s not gay? Huh?!

  • nikko

    @PopSnap: So true, and that’s why they offend me so much: they don’t even admit to being bi, at least. Ugh.

  • kabukiscarab

    @Manuel: People like you make it hard for REAL GAY MEN to get rights. 1st off the article was posted we are all commenting on it. Peddling Gay for Pay as the best thing that can happen to gay men is not a service it’s a scam like paying for gas and not getting independent from oil. Or being told something is safe when it’s not. Or voting in a politician who changes polices after being elected and not telling us why he’s changed his view it’s a lie. It’s a bad, sad, and tiresome lie.
    This sort of glorification of the str8 acting and gay for pay is killing our businesses our culture. They collect with glee our money and then snicker and sneer behind our backs. To hell with that. Then you wonder why Bareback porn is making a come back. Because at least folks KNOW those guys are gay and willing to have sex. No snobbery, No noses in the air they are doing what real gay men do in their bed rooms. Having sex.

  • Rob

    Pinch yourself and wake up! Many gays love the thought or action of having sex with a straight guy. Oh hey, I gave a straight guy a blow job, OMG! Please! So…great business move!
    Bi guys play straight playing gay for pay!…Oh, I’m horney now!
    Are people hot for “straight for pay”…ummmm…NO, no demand.
    So students please pay attention. Some bi guys make babies. And they can also take the biggest cocks and do the most kinky gay moves while enjoying every inch and every dollar they make in movies and being a hustler….oh sorry, “rent boy”! Please!
    Straight, I think NOT!

  • jason

    Escorts and porn performers are not good role models from whom to derive lessons in life. They’re in it for the money, most have drug addictions, and they’re basically all-round sleazeballs. Please do not take the words of such people as being representative of the human sexual experience.

    At the same time, I can appreciate the notion that a guy is honest about why he’s in the business. At least Marx is honest.

  • nikko

    @jason: @jason: Agreed. But don’t you think any porn performer also does it for the sex?

  • jason


    I think some porn performers do it for the sex, but it shouldn’t be an automatic assumption.

  • JVC

    LOL! Don’t fall for it folks! Whether what he says is true or not, doesn’t matter. His motivation is a clear and obvious move; Bitch has got books to sell. Marx has been about the money from the very beginning. It was never about men or sex. He was NEVER confused. It was about getting paid. If he can’t make money being loved by men, he’ll make money being disliked by men. Trying to incite men to such an extent that they buy his book. Don’t be distracted by his looks or the words coming out of his mouth. He’s checking out your wallets.

  • nikko

    @jason: @JVC: i find it all(gay4pay) highly disturbing. I thought it was all a celebration of male love. I know, I know, naive, but I like the thought of holding same sex desire to a noble, sacred thing.It’s highly offensive and insulting to me that most of these “straight” performers claim to only be sexual with another male through the enticement of money!! Yuck! Honestly, this further cements my conviction that it is straight men indeed who are mostly not on our side to this very day. Very rarely do you see a straight male ally, it’s almost always women, namely Mothers.

  • luca

    bel ragazzo

  • nikko

    @biguy: BIGUY, we don’t choose to “restrict” ourselves to one gender, we’re simply attracted to usually one or the other.

  • Hilarious

    Gay for pay is just a new name for an old fetish. Before that they just called them straight guys and before that it was “hidden cams”. Bunch of bullshit.

    A vast majority of these guys are feminine as hell, have serious gay face, and couldn’t hide their sexuality in a room with no windows and all the lights out.

    Silly fantasy that really makes no sense in the first place. Isn’t a gay man you know is gay with a great body and face to match hotter than some guy pretending to be straight?

    What’s so hot about a whore who’ll stick it in anything for money? What a shitty fantasy.

  • just1opinion

    methinks this guy protests too much…..needs something to occupy that pretty little mouth!

  • Robert

    This guy has had more gay sex than most gays. Just do a Google search on images.

  • Aaron

    This might end up being really long, so bear with me here…..

    In my opinion, unless the person is being forced (whether a weapon be held to them or somebody close to them will die if they do not do said act) then there is NO such thing as gay-for-pay. There are Bisexual men who star in gay porn, there are Pan/Omnisexual men who star in gay porn, and there are gay men who star in gay porn. There are not, however, 100% straight men who star in gay porn. You HAVE A CHOICE whether to do gay porn or not. If you were really that desperate for money, there are plenty of other options that do not require one to have sex with another man. Money is money no matter how you put it- even if you’d earn more doing a couple gay porn videos, a truly straight man would chose the option that does not involve homosexual sex. Making the decision to enter gay porn, but identifying as straight, I believe represents a subconscious bisexuality. I am in no way insinuating that we are all bisexual- I am confident there are both 100% straight and 100% gay people out there. But there are a lot of people in between. But, in this sense, I believe this logic could also be applied to men who marry and have children but then come out as gay- ultimately (at least in 20th century U.S.) you HAVE that choice to say “no”. Even if you might be ostracized, it’s better than doing something you have no desire to do. You were never forced to be married. You made the choice (and you still do), and this could just simply mean you’re 99.9% gay, but 0.1% straight. In other words, bisexual, and this could be applied to those who say they are straight but actually bisexual- e.g. those who do gay-for-pay.

    Another factor one must consider is this- society is ruled by straight men, or straight men in denial about their true sexuality. There is so much stigma attached with the word ‘bisexual’, because, if you say you are bisexual, you are clearly indicating that you willingly perform homosexual acts. And if you are much more attracted to women, both romantically and sexually (or any variant- such as being attracted to women only romantically, and only being slightly attracted to men sexually) it’s a lot easier to identify as straight, and just say you’ve done “gay stuff” “for the money” or when you were drunk/high. This is another thing that can apply to gays and lesbians who are actually bisexual. In the Gay/Lesbian community there is a lot of stigma against bisexuals, since they are often viewed as being “in denial” or having “hetero-privilege”. When you’re already in a minority, why in gods name would you want to identify as something that would get you ostracized among them, too?

    Many scientists believe that sex and love are two separate sections within the brain. I am sure there are men who are sexually gay, but romantically bisexual- or even romantically straight. This would certainly explain many gay men who have wifes/girlfriends but never actually consummate those relationships, even though it seems evident they do actually truly romantically love each other.

    It is my own opinion that Bisexuality, at its different levels, can be expressed in many ways- whether it be just wanting jerk off with another guy/girl but not really wanting to go farther, or having a fetish where you can only imagine a person/creature (er, I suppose the creature part is an entirely different topic, so I wont go there) of the same sex in that fetish situation. I also think that bisexuality can be most commonly identified and seen within places where one is locked up with only the gender they claim to not be attracted to- e.g. prison.

    Now I know I’ve really strayed from the topic at hand, so let me go back a bit- another factor one should consider is that it is A LOT easier to to say ‘oh well I’m straight’ and not risk any legal wrangling dealing with contracts, and/or getting your income taken away, than it is to actually say you are Bisexual/Gay within the porn world and not only possibly breach a contract- but even worse, offend the demographic. Gay and Bisexual men love the idea of seducing a straight guy…. even though it’s about as fantastical as somebody pissing airplanes. Hell, even I find gay porn where the character one engages sex with is otherwise straight but because of some incapacitation or because they’re making one true “exception” the gay/bi guy can get the straight guy, something I know most of us gay/bi/pan/omni/whatever boys have desperately sought (or may even be currently seeking) in our lives at some point.

    Soo….. yeah, I doubt that made any sense and was extremely long winded, but I may have just done the best job I can at identifying how I truly feel about all this “gay for pay” nonsense.

  • nikko

    @Aaron: Thanks, AARON, that was great. Insightful and I agree.

  • Martin

    Aaron hit it right on the head. I lived in Prague for years and met a lot of porn actors and not one of them was 100% straight but more than 50% of them still liked having sex with men. William Higgins said it great and he would know, that there are no 100% straight men that he knows of doing gay porn. They may have self hate, they may have only a slight interest in men but they perform well because that interest as least somewhat there.

  • prohomo

    @Martin: And yet these cowardly performers don’t even admit to being bisexual, or at the very least,bi-curious. Pathetic.

  • gilber

    he is just selling us another product.i don’t believe in gay for pay at all.if there is a place where you can learn what sexuality really is,at least its psychology, that is Cuba.the reason are many,but it is mainly due to the fact that cubans have no exposure to the so called LGBT community,not even many gays in the island.for instance,my friend’s best friends didn’t know that we have a flag and gay parades,i had to explain to them these things.in cuba,in many cases, you mention the word bisexual and they think you are talking about a hermaphrodite instead of a sexual orientation.it is not uncommon for gays to have sex with straight men,although it usually involves just the gay doing oral sex on him and that’s all.in the usa the relation gay-straight is somewhat more “defined” and extremely politicized.in cuba, it comes more “natural”.when i was in cuba this month,i was very curious about the gay scene there,since it is very unstable,my friends took me to a cruising spot in havana,and it was hot as hell.the majority of pingueros(hustlers)were extremely masculine,many of them,married and some even with kids.they don’t even know about what gay for pay is.however, they do consider themselves as “heterosexuals” or machos.one of my friends,that lives in spain,had a pinguero for oral sex.he told me the guy was moaning like he was in heaven,telling him not to stop and everything,and yes he was married and his wife supposedly knew about it.these men are all definitely bisexuals,they enjoy the mood,the exchange,and the excitement of the sexual encounter as long as their social status is not affected,in fact,it even helps them do a great business with anxious gay men crazy for a masculine acting pingon.as gay cubans start having more access to the internet,things will change rapidly,the change is occurring fast so they will acquire a western gay mindset and be sure that sooner or later the american made concept of gay for pay will appear there.

  • Rob Moore

    Is there any such thing as men who are straight for pay? Personally, I don’t think I could have sex, again, with a female for $25,000 or $25,000,000. I got over that pretty quickly in high school.

  • Phil

    @Rob Moore: Oh my god I would actually pay to see how awkward and mechanical that turned out.

  • Moose

    My question is why do you not see the reverse happening? Why don’t you see “plowing vag for cash”? I have two theories.

    1) There isn’t a market for straight men or women to see self labeled gay men perform straight sex. Vice Versa there is a market in the gay community to see “straight men” seduced into a gay sexual situation. (A part of me would like to create a porn for those fag hags where THEY seduce the gay men into relationship/sex)

    2) They are big flaming gay wads and need to get over their distaste for labeling themselves for what they really are. Part or in whole gay men.

  • prohomo

    @Phil: Why don’t we see the reverse happening? Uh, because it would be a turn off, maybe? Because most gay men are not bi-curious perhaps? Because it’s straight men who have the homophobic hangup, not gays?

  • prohomo

    sorry, my reply was meant for Moose

  • Lookyloo

    I don’t think having sex with men means a man is gay. I bet a lot of gay guys could have sex with women and get off just fine. I think the ‘test’ is weather one is romantically attracted to the same sex. Lots of gay guys don’t like cum shot on their face. It doesn’t mean they’re straight

    Besides, receiving anal sex isn’t a gay thing, it’s physically pleasurable to many men. If a guy likes a dildo up his ass, it doesn’t mean he wants to marry a dildo.

  • Lookyloo

    There are gay-for-pay performers. Here’s a blog about a gay guy’s experience with one and how it’s filmed and edited together to make it seem like the straight guy keeps his hard-on: http://www.devonhunter.info/archives/1625/

    It’s a whole thing about this guy’s recent bad experiences, good experiences and the ‘industry’ in general. Pretty interesting.

  • Aaron


    Ok, I’ll admit, that article was very informative, and I no longer plan to watch any Sean Cody videos. But, at the same time, as I said before (see my earlier long winded comment), I ultimately still comes down to choice and the subconscious. Our dick getting hard is related to the brain. Our brain sends signals to our cock that gets the blood flowing. But if our brain doesn’t want to believe that we’re doing this, or chose to do this, it seems highly probable that our brain would tell us not to get hard. Especially if it’s somebody like that- who only cares about the cash they’re getting. I can’t say it seems like it would’ve been much different with a woman, either. I’m not shocked that Sean Cody is like that. But it’s why I’ve learned to avoid sites like it. I usually just get steamed at sites with “STRAIGHT GUYS HAVING GAY SEX!11!11!!!!!”. But I suppose my opinion is biased do to my own bisexuality.

    In response to your first comment- as I said before, sex and love = two completely different things. Romance is closer to friendship than sex. There are plenty of people who are capable of falling in love (with one, or even both genders), but just don’t want to have sex. Just as there are plenty of people capable of having sex with one or both genders, but can only fall in love with one- or none, even. Maybe this would explain why so many marriages fail. Some people are more motivated for their drive for procreation, than sustaining a true love. But that’s off topic.

    Anyway, regardless, again- that article was very informative. If I was him, I would’ve told the “straight” guy to just fuck off, as I’m not the one who’s struggling with my sexuality and cares more about money than an actual person. But my temper blows easily, sooooooo

  • Eiriksson

    @Rob Moore: “straight for pay” is what is usually referred to as “in the closet”. Before we claim that it is impossible to have gay sex strictly for the money consider all those gay men who have straight sex with their wives strictly for societal status.

  • lucas

    is very nice man

  • jjgg5

    He’s as straight as Route 66.

  • eb77541

    Why can’t someone be Gay for Pay? Really?

    First, how many gay men have, at one point in their lives, had sex with women? You can can sex with someone without being into that person.

    Second, how many actors play serial killers, rapists, and politicians? Just because you’re pretending to do something, doesn’t make it real.

    Some say since his cock was hard he must have been gay. Unless you’ve got problems with erections, if you touch your cock, it gets hard.

    If he was really stright, he’d get a differnet job, one that was more in keeping with who he was. Does a janitor really have to get excited over toilets. Does an assembly line worker really have to be into cars or washing machines or cordless toothbrushes?

    If a doctor touches your cock does it make him gay too?

    I hate to burst anyone’s fantasy bubble, but it really is possible to do things that make someone look gay but be still be striaght.

  • prohomo

    Porn is having sex, not acting like in a movie. The [email protected]eb77541: The analogy you give is not accurate. Having sex consistently with the sex you’re not attracted to is not the same as performing a dull job since sex is the most intimate activity man can do. Of course, people can fake it for a while, but your conscience will stab you back. Not to mention many of these G4P performers probably have little(conscience) to treat sex so mechanically.

  • Jeff

    WHAT?! that’s bulls**t. look at that face, tell me that he isn’t gay. Malachi honey don’t lie to yourself, it only hurts you in the end.

  • Carm

    His so-called retirement from gay porn went so well that I think it lasted all of a month or two. Then, he announced another retirement, and it did not last either.

    Also, how did the sales of his book turn out? Oh, yes, he never got around to getting it published.

    Furthermore, if he is “just doing it for the money” and does not like performing in gay porn, then why not save up his $25,000-a-month for a year or so, and then transition into another career? Or, start his own business? Or, just invest it and live primarily off the savings and get a quiet, part-time job? Why not? Of course, we know the reason is that he made nowhere near that amount of money, either from hustling or from porn.

    I thought this guy was mildly interesting when he first made a splash as up-and-coming “porn star,” but this article following others I have read about him confirms for me that he is just a whiny loser, and his attitude about performing in gay porn, whether or not he is being honest about his sexual orientation, is very offensive. If you truly don’t like gay sex, fine, then don’t have it. Most straight people who have no interest in gay sex, don’t have it and don’t worry much about those that do. However, as an able-bodied person who could choose to work in any one of thousands of other jobs, don’t engage in gay sex over and over again on camera, promote yourself to a gay audience in interviews and PR appearances, and then have the gall to complain about how unappealing you find gay sex. He can announce his retirement 20 more times for all I care, I am not watching his videos or reading anymore about him.

  • ralph

    Wow real nice especially when he puts that dildo, you know where, ive never seen he’s buttoming solo!!

  • random

    so are you saying that he is lying and actually likes men?

  • jckfmsincty

    Malachi is quite convincing in his “movies”. And, I seriously doubt that he is a good actor.

  • Tom jones

    What a model father. Two babies, a girlfriend that you have brainwashed, and the herpes you are obviously still spreading around. If it’s not weird enough to me that you do gay porn, which in my book makes you gay, but you claim you only do it for money. Your worth less than wet trash found in a street gutter, no sex should take you. you’re a disrespectful jerk off with no conscience. I only hope, “John”, that your “girlfriend” wakes up and takes those boys and gets as far away from you as possible.

  • neo

    its about to him to answer that whether is he gay or not but he had the choice in life exploring in sexual desire its not bad at all but like this no dignity at all I think this guy need to search within himself sex for pay is a big issue theres so much job there not like this it is a easy money but you must respect yourself first the trough straight guy is he knows hes responsibility and loving himself more without hesitation

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