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How Gov. Lynch Totally Lied To New Hampshire About Supporting Gay Marriage


When New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch last week told legislators he would sign into law same-sex marriage, he did so with one stipulation: Language had to be added that more explicitly protected religious institutions who refused to conduct gay nuptials. This, even after lawmakers created a two-tier marriage system (civil and religious). But even the bill’s main sponsor, Rep. Jim Splaine, was mostly okay with the governor’s demands, and he and his peers are quickly rushing to make the changes so the amended bill can be signed by Lynch. Except, what’s this? Everyone’s not happy? Of course not — and this time, it’s the religious types.

They say they’ve been had! That Lynch lied and misled them! That even these new religious protections — which would ensure anti-gay priests can stick to preaching the evils of Sodom — aren’t good enough. Because when all is said and done, Lynch is still letting homosexuals exchange rings. OUTRAGE! NYT:

Kevin Smith, director of Cornerstone Policy Research, the group that led the fight against same-sex marriage in New Hampshire, said Mr. Lynch had misled state residents.

“However the governor wishes to couch his decision on this,” Mr. Smith said, “the fact remains that by signing this bill, he will have broke his trust with New Hampshire voters after repeatedly stating that he opposes gay marriage. This amendment does nothing to protect the religious liberties of independent business owners, such as photographers and caterers, who in good conscience cannot perform their services for same-sex marriage ceremonies.”

Oh c’mon, Smith. Haven’t you ever heard of politicians’ views “evolving”?