How Guys Really Feel About Passing As Straight


Some gay guys act more stereotypically gay. Some gay guys don’t.

It’s truly that simple.

But some people still can’t seem to grasp that there’s no way anyone is supposed to be acting.

Would you walk up to a straight person and say, “but you don’t look straight”?

Below, guys sound off on Whisper about how they feel about the whole “passing” thing:

I hate when people assume I

As a gay male, I get a mini adrenaline rush when people don

People always assume I

I hate that I

I don

When I tell someone I

I am gay! I I also box! And play rugby and football! I can drink most people under the table! I hate that people say I don


It breaks my heart to hear

I love it when people assume I

When people assume I

It pisses me off when people assume I

I hate that I feel hurt and embarrassed because people don

Wow, you can totally pass for a straight guy. Thanks. Had lots of practice in the closet.

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I wish everyone just knew I was gay. I pass as straight and everyone assuming as such makes things very difficult.