How Hard Is It To Get An Abortion In Your State?

Any women considering her reproductive rights might want to know which states place the most and fewest restrictions on abortions. But who has time to do all that legal research? Apparently the good folks at Remapping Debate do. They have put each state’s abortion restrictions in an easy to use rainbow-colored chart that lets you look up each state’s abortion restrictions like mandatory ultrasound and counseling requirements.

Apparently Indiana, Missouri, and Oklahoma have made it the hardest for women to get abortions while Oregon, New Hampshire, and Vermont have the fewest restrictions. Interesting…

Image via Jfruh

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  • Hyhybt

    What would be even more interesting would be lining this up with statistics for abortions per capita in each state.

    Would anyone be surprised to find a direct relationship, especially if you adjust for a couple items like number of providers?

  • Pocket Otter

    And, uh, why is the gay community concerned about abortions? Not that I care (hell, vacuum ’em all out). Color me stupid, but doesn’t less people mean less gay people?

  • Will

    @Pocket Otter – It’s no coincidence that all the states with marriage equality are on the less restrictive half of the list. The desire to control women’s reproductive freedom and desire to legislate what gays do in the bedroom (now unconstitutional sodomy laws) and in the courtroom (denial of marriage equality) are very much related.

    Thanks Queerty! I rarely comment, but I’d like to see more content like this.

  • delurker

    Waits for the avalanche of GOProud morons to state their opposition to choice…

  • Lefty

    @jason: “And to those idiotic gays who think it’s a woman’s right to choose, is that what you would still say if a woman wanted to abort a baby that contained the gay gene? Think about it.”

    “The gay gene”???

    I’m reminded of George Carlin’s “Pro-Life-ers are just anti-women” skit.
    How right he was…

  • Andras Konya (andkon)

    It’s impossible for me. I’m a guy.

  • Thomas Maguire

    “The gay gene?”

    Genetics is only one part of sexuality.

    Good lord…gay gene…

  • JayKay

    Bravo Indiana.

  • GayGOP

    I really do not see how any gay person would want abortion legal, simply given that it is nature, not nurture, as to why we are gay. Given that, it makes the option for abortions among the anti-gay nuts much easier when they know that their kids have a higher chance of being gay.

  • the crustybastard

    Mr. Villarreal,

    If you will not tolerate Adonis-of-fire’s relentless and disgusting racism, why do you tolerate Jason’s relentless and disgusting misogyny?

    Baselessly asserting that “many” women use abortion for contraception subsequent to failed blackmail attempts is just… unspeakably vile.

    Jesus christ. Enough of this shit already. Please.

  • jax

    @the crustybastard:

    Flag Jason’s misogynistic crap. If a comment isn’t flagged, Queerty may not know about it.

  • RadFemHedonist

    So what you’re saying is that because some people are homophobic all women should be punished for the actions of some women? And also, while yes I object to someone having an abortion purely on the basis of the fetus’ sexual orientation, that is still their right, just like they have the right to refuse to have sex with people of a particular race or gender even if their reasons are prejudiced ones. Women have the right to ownership of their bodies. I would not be in favour of allowing genetic testing for sexual orientation in fetuses if such a thing did become a possibility (unless there was a genetic illness which someone had a family history of that had been proven to be linked with a particular sexual orientation, though I do not know of any such illness), much as I do not think that parents should be able to test for a fetus’ “biological sex” or gender unless for the reason I mentioned above, but if someone does have that information, you can’t say “well then you can’t have an abortion based on your prejudices” (whether they do have that prejudice or not) just like you can’t say that to a woman who won’t sleep with black men because she thinks they all beat their wives. Supporting forced birth is no better than supporting rape. Not to mention that prejudice can be an influencing decision on someone’s choices without being the only factor, ie someone may be prejudiced against LGBT people and not want a child who is one, but also know that they don’t want to be pregnant/be a parent either right now or ever regardless of any fact they do or do not have about the fetus. I’m bisexual, and a woman, and I have aspergers and ADHD and all of those things could potentially increase my chance of being aborted, but I would never force my mother to give birth against her will (and it’s not like I think she’s a perfect parent or anything, I have some pretty big issues with her), I would never force any woman, trans man or anyone else to give birth against their will (nor would I stop anyone of any gender from having a fetal twin that was inside their body removed), just because you’re a gay man doesn’t mean you’re not a man, and doesn’t change that your misogyny is misogyny and you’re denying the right to body ownership to someone in a situation that you (and roughly half of the world’s population) will never have to face, because you think that women’s bodies are communally owned and they must welcome all comers into their vaginas. And women are not the gatekeepers, men are capable of not having sex with women and women should not be punished for their ability to give birth by being forced to do so (or get raped, as the case depressingly frequently is).

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    @jax: Not much of a fan of the first amendment, are you. Don’t like someone’s comment? Tell the authorities and they’ll make sure no one ever says anything that offends anyone ever again. You sound to me like you must be from California.

  • jason

    I have no qualms about what I said above. Let me repeat – if there were such a thing as a gay gene, women would be lining up to get abortions.

    Don’t understand the essential evil of many women.

  • jason

    I have no qualms about what I said above. Let me repeat – if there were such a thing as a gay gene, women would be lining up to get abortions.

    Don’t underestimate the essential evil of many women.

  • Don

    @GayGOP: The reason gays care about the abortion issue is because it revolves around the issue of whether or not the government can tell you what to do with your body. We told the government to get out of our bedrooms (overturning the sodomy laws) and now we need to tell the government to leave women alone.

  • tjr101

    Interesting to note that the states with the most abortion restrictions are the ones with the highest rates of teen age pregnancies, high unemployment and poverty along with high rates of people who can’t afford quality healthcare. Oh, and they also have constitutional amendments banning same sex marriage.

  • phallus

    @RadFemHedonist: You should watch “The Twilight of the Golds” if you can find the movie. To me it hit home….I’m just saying.

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