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  • desdemona

    i don’t get him. is he being sarcastic? b/c he seems to rely heavily on gay stereotypes for his jokes & it’s really annoying.

    from all the stuff i’ve seenfrom colbert on this subject, he really does seem anti-gay to me.
    he’s such a douchebag!

  • Mike


    You’re a little slow, aren’t you?

  • Mike L.

    @desdemona: dude he’s playing the part of a “conservative (satirically)” journalist. Although I agree, this one was not as funny as his past segments on lgbt issues.

  • jamison

    @Mike L.: i disagree, this segment was a work of art! an especially smart detailed case to show just what people opposed to marriage equality are actually saying.

  • John W

    I’m with you, Jamison.

  • The Bony Man

    That was amazing!

  • L.

    @Mike: Please define “a little” :)

  • D Smith

    god i love colbert

  • Phil

    It took me forever to realize who John was though.

  • Darren Sjolstedt

    There really is no such a thing as queers getting married. It’s a mirage, not a marriage. There will be severe backlash on queers acting up. Push will come shove by we hets. So you all better run home to mommy.

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