How Is Barcelona Handling Conversion Therapy Chop Shops? With Federal Investigations

Authorities in Spain’s Catalonia province are launching an investigation into a “gay cure” clinic in Barcelona because, according to the region’s health department, “We do not consider homosexuality as an illness, far from it.” If the investigation finds conversion therapies are indeed being practiced at the clinic, officials could levy fines against it.

This is different from the United States, because in our nation’s capital, the mayor is handing out certificates of appreciation to these organizations, while elsewhere national hotel chains are making bank from these groups.

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  • Mike L.

    Yay Barcelona!

  • RyanTheHulk

    I knew there was a reason I’m majoring in Spanish.
    ¡Te amo, España!

  • RyanTheHulk

    I knew there was a reason I’m majoring in Spanish.
    ¡Te amo, Barcelona!


    Anyone else wanna pack their bags, charter a flight and move outta what has become one of the most backward countries in the world????

  • wannabegay2

    barcelona is, after all, the gay capital of europe!

  • mdthom

    I love Barcelona, my partner and I are going for our second visit this October for our honeymoon.

    Spain is far more advanced in gay related issues than we are in the US.

  • Jesse Helms

    @PLAYS WILDLY WITH OTHERS: Best man on man action I have ever had in my life was in a phone booth in Barcelona!
    ¡Viva España!

    Oh, the museums are great too………

  • Wade MacMorrighan

    Jesse Helms, what’s the Spanish for: “Do you have a condom?”

  • mike

    Please note, the investigation is being done by the Catalan government, not the national Spanish government. So I don’t know why the article title says “Federal”. And Catalan nationalists would probably be less than thrilled with the Spanish majors and the ¡Viva España! types.

  • gilber

    i lived in valencia but i’m now in the usa,you don’t make money in europe,it’s a shame but that’s the way things are there.

  • Jeff K.

    1. You’re gonna piss off a lot of people by calling Catalonia a “province” :P

    2. Spain is technically not a federation, so there is no federal government. They have a system of “autonomous communities” instead. I know, it’s splitting hairs.

    3. Ryan: it’s pronounced “T’estimo, Barcelona!” ;)

  • jeffree

    We need to import some of these Barcelona politicians to take charge of the anti-reparative therapy movement here in the US!

    @mike: Right on! Like you said, many/ most of the people in Barcelona speak Catalàn (maybe I thpelled that wrong?) which is rightly recognized by the EU as an official language.

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