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How Is Sen. Jim Inhofe ‘Shocked’ About Uganda’s Kill The Gays Bill?

Sen. Jim Inhofe has taken some 20 trips (or is it over 100?) to Africa over the years with “missionary” agendas. This, despite taxypayers footing the bill. Inhofe is also a member of D.C.’s The Family, the Christian group with ties (that it’s trying to deny) to Uganda’s conservative pastors, who are drumming up support for the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. But that doesn’t mean Sen. Inhofe isn’t shocked — shocked! — to learn Uganda is trying to do something so perverse.

In responding to an email from a constituent, who write the Oklahoman senator about Uganda’s Kill The Gays bill, Inhofe is playing the naive card. He replied with a letter that reads in part:

I was shocked to learn that this legislation was being considered in Uganda. I do not, nor have I ever, supported or condoned this legislation. It is my hope that Uganda will abandon this unjust and extraordinarily harsh legislation.

I have worked closely with Ugandan President Museveni on many important issues. In fact, I have made over 100 visits to the African continent and have met with and built relationships with people from all walks of life. During my time on the continent, I witnessed first-hand the significant and strategic place in the world that Africa holds. It is the world’s second-largest and second most-populous continent, comprised of 53 nations and over 900 million people. Africa has largely been ignored and neglected by the rest of the world – initially seen as the impenetrable “Dark Continent,” then colonized and exploited, and then neglected. However, I believe there is much hope for the future of African countries and better days are ahead.

And now we would like to hear about everything you are doing, senator, to ensure it! Because it couldn’t be part of your vote against a bill that would’ve allotted $50 billion for AIDS treatment and prevention in Africa.

But get back to us only when you’re done responding to critics who say your calls for Muslim profiling went too far.