age of consent

How Jack Straw Finally Got Britain To Let Gays Have Sex At The Same Age As Straights

Jack Straw, Britain’s (straight) former home secretary and lawmaker since 1979, spent part of his career working to make equal his country’s age of consent laws, which had higher age requirement for persons engaging in same-sex activity. Straw, who’s previously (and foolishly) attempted to criminalize anti-gay speech, called the efforts to oppose the change amounted to a “a right-wing, almost semi-fascist agenda to penalize people for being different.” Like some other lawmakers waiting until the end of the legislative session to move a pro-gay bill, Straw had to make his move on the last day. But in fact, until this law passes that will expunge the records of anyone previously convicted under the discriminatory age of consent laws, gays are still being penalized for being different. [BBC]