How Jay + Brian Leffew Ended Up With These 2 Cute Kids

It’s Christmas time at the Leffew household! But we’re not going to see footage of them unwrapping gifts just yet. Instead, there’s another present on the agenda: How this pair of gay men managed to convince the adoption industry to give them two children, Daniel and Selena.

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  • Yann J

    I love these guys! They have such a wonderful family! Keep the videos coming…


  • terrwill

    What a shame!! How horrible it is that those two innocent
    kids are placed into that hellhole of an existence!! Imagine
    the horror those kids face every day of their lives!!
    How could this happen in this country??? Adopted into a living
    family that actually is going to give them a future???
    This is madness!! Everyone knows instead of Gay adoption
    they should rot in an institution or be shuffled between
    foster homes doing nothing but earning the “parents” their
    monthly stipend for “caring” for these kids!! Think about
    how much better these kids would be in the system for 18
    years and then let them age out with no family or support
    system for them to become drug addicts and or crimminals!!
    THAT is the wish of all the loving “faith based christian and
    jews” in this country……….

  • vultureculture

    Great people, but they need to jazz it up a bit. Maybe a different camera or they could do what Adam Lambert did and simulate oral sex, I don’t know. Something.

  • Attmay

    @3 Vultureculture:

    Not everything gay needs to be about sex. Some of us view sex as an expression of love between two people.

    Frankly, I like their videos this way. What they lack in production value they more than make up for in earnestness. Trying to slick it up would kill it.

  • DragonScorpion

    Nice. A bit dry and long, yeah, but nice. The kiss at the end was a sweet touch.

    I haven’t seen the other videos, but I think it’s great that they’re making them. It’s a really great concept, a gay couple answering people’s questions, sharing their history, and showing the world the positive experience which is their life together. We need a lot more of that. And a gay cop, shatter those stereotypes!

    Congratulations on the adoption! These guys appear to be very loving parents. Beautiful family.

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