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How Joey Lawrence Wound Up Tangoing With Dancing With The Stars‘ Mark Ballas

Melissa & Joey, the ABC sitcom reviving the careers of Melissa Joan Hart (damn, look at them gams!) and Joey Lawrence (damn, look at them pecs!), is actually kind of funny … for a family sitcom. And while we’ve seen a couple gay-ish jokes so far in the series, last night’s episode was where Joey (or, as he’s known on the show, “Joe”) danced the tango with Dancing With The Stars hottie Mark Ballas. No homo. (Spoilers ahead.)

Melissa, a local politico in Toledo, was supposed to dance at a charity contest, but injured herself. Oh no! So her original dance partner, her live-in manny Joe, must step in … with Mark. Cue the hotness — and the macho chest bumps. ‘Cause two men dancing together is totally not gay.

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  • Ted B.

    Nervous titters aside…the origins of Tango include a lot of fancy, passionate footwork between guys-only.

  • spider_orchid

    Damn I’d love to horizontal tango with Mark Ballas. So fine.

  • Soupy

    If Anderson Cooper doesn’t return my call, Mark will be my next boyfriend.

  • T-in-Cali

    i’ve been crushing on Mark for a few years now. Damn the way he moves his hips….

  • uu

    Well … Maybe it looks better when it’s not a farce.

  • Jeff K.

    I can’t remember how many times I’ve rent asunder my clothing in grief because a hot guy like Joey Lawrence with beautiful hair gets it buzzed off.

  • Scot

    I’d dance with Joey Lawrence anytime! I like him with hair but he’s still an incredibly hamdsome man, and those tight tee shirts hint to a great body. Even though the shows he’s in usually suck, I still like looking at him.

  • McMike

    So no one else finds this extremely offensive? I don’t even know where to begin but here’s the two main gists:

    1) Mark Ballas is a HOMOSEXUAL so to have him act like he’s disgusted by the thought of dancing with another man is BULLSHITE.

    2) The young guy’s comment about “This is why I don’t watch Showtime” is the most offensive thing about this. We’ve just had FIVE young boys kill themselves in the past month due to homophobia. Does Hollywood really need to reinforce the notion all young boys should be repulsed by anything gay?

    WTF people. I would still be offended at seeing a homosexual forced to act like what he is in real life is disgusting the by gay male youth have been killing themselves due to this and it pisses me off.

    Wake up.

  • Chris

    @McMike: You know ballas isn’t actually a mo right?

  • happydog

    My gaydar tells me Ballas is gay.

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