melissa & joey

How Joey Lawrence Wound Up Tangoing With Dancing With The Stars‘ Mark Ballas

Melissa & Joey, the ABC sitcom reviving the careers of Melissa Joan Hart (damn, look at them gams!) and Joey Lawrence (damn, look at them pecs!), is actually kind of funny … for a family sitcom. And while we’ve seen a couple gay-ish jokes so far in the series, last night’s episode was where Joey (or, as he’s known on the show, “Joe”) danced the tango with Dancing With The Stars hottie Mark Ballas. No homo. (Spoilers ahead.)

Melissa, a local politico in Toledo, was supposed to dance at a charity contest, but injured herself. Oh no! So her original dance partner, her live-in manny Joe, must step in … with Mark. Cue the hotness — and the macho chest bumps. ‘Cause two men dancing together is totally not gay.

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