How Ken Cuccinelli’s Homophobia Gave the Media a Chance to Finally Identify ‘Bigotry’


Virginia’s Attorney General hopeful Ken Cuccinelli, the Republican facing off against Steve Shannon, is the type of social conservative you people love! He wants to give legal rights to fetuses at conception and favors restrictions that would all but shutter many abortion clinics. Oh, and he doesn’t want any of you homos pleasuring yourselves.

It’s not that gay people are abhorrent, says Cuccinelli. Just their sex lives: “My view is that homosexual acts, not homosexuality, but homosexual acts are wrong. They’re intrinsically wrong. And I think in a natural law based country it’s appropriate to have policies that reflect that. … They don’t comport with natural law. I happen to think that it represents (to put it politely; I need my thesaurus to be polite) behavior that is not healthy to an individual and in aggregate is not healthy to society.”

His comments, sadly, are typical. But we’re sort of loving what’s happened since those remarks went public: A newspaper of record has gone, uh, on the record identifying Cuccinelli’s statements sans bullshit, cherry coating, and fluff as this: bigotry.

Kudos to the Washington Post, for this: “Putting aside what Mr. Cuccinelli has to say about homosexuals when he’s not trying so hard to be polite, let’s call his comments what they are: bigotry. Bigotry is as pernicious today, applied to homosexuals, as it was a century ago or less, when immigrants and minorities were its main victims. And it is just as familiar. Appeals to ‘natural law’ and ‘intrinsic’ rights and wrongs were the usual cliches deployed to justify the old-time religion of hatred then directed at African Americans, Jews, Italians, Irish and other immigrants.”

We want more of this. More branding of such rhetoric not as “religious beliefs” or “conservative values,” but as “hate speech” and “bigotry.” We’re no longer talking about “opposing viewpoints”; this is a matter of right and wrong.

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  • terrwill

    Which one is this scumbag screwing with?

    A> Female prostitutes
    B> Males he met in cruise area

    It is usually the rightwing-nutbags who are the most vocal in the poo they spew from their mouths about the Gays that are engaged in behaviour which is kinda, sorta against the “christian ways”……………………

    And the writer of this post is correct in the past minorities and immmigrants were the rightwing punching bags. Unfortunately for them they can’t say “Nigger” , “Spic”, “Kike” or any of the other “colorfull” epitaths they used to slur various other groups. But luckily for them “Fag” and “Homo” are still on the hit list!!

  • Larry

    It’s about time. I’ve been complaining for years about how the media portray such views as mere “opinions.”

  • Steve


    You left off:
    C> Male prostitutes
    D> All of the above.

  • Frank

    As Coco Peru would put it, politely, I think Cucinelli is a no-good lying piece of rat shit.

  • jason

    The scary thing about guys like Cuccinelli is that they think girl-girl action is “hot” and should be legal. Their intellect isn’t very deep.

  • Mike L.

    He looks as though he’s another gay republican in the big southern armoire.

  • Joey

    The correct answer is: C> Male prostitutes

    Well, judging by his appearance he’d be the type that would have to pay or bribe someome with money for any kind of sexual activity.

  • Drake

    It’s a shame that the wide reporting of this is only now happening, because he and the Republican neanderthal for governor will both be winning in Virginia. The governor candidate (McDOnnell) has written that women should be staying home, tending the family, and is also a homophobe. 3 years ago, Virginia enacted some very tough anti-gay legislation, as well as a constitutional amendment against same sex marriage.

  • alan brickman

    come out already!! closets are the worst bigots!…

  • The Swimmer

    The scary part is that this man is a Ron Paul “liberty” candidate. I guess they only believe in liberty when it means the Liberty to bring back the Holocaust and keep the government off the backs of the bigots while they commit their genocide. It’s what we’re seeing now in Iraq. Ken Cuccinelli speaks to that crowd.

  • livingInVirginia

    I know Steve Shannon and I don’t know if he’s much better. He voted against gay marriage because of his religion (catholic).

  • Captain Slappy

    Damn, but I like that guy.

    See? It ain’t hard people.
    You don’t swordfight with another man.
    That is not natural.
    You don’t stab cornholes.
    That is not natural.
    Girl-on-Girl isn’t only natural, it is highly profitable, and considered a straight man staple, because they know women are generically and inherently stupid as it is. Might as well get some side action and stroke material at the same time, right?
    OH YEAH!

    By the way, even dogs can figure this specific act out, you seem to be the only people in human history that CANNOT. That says more than one thing to the rest of the world.

    Hey kids, I am fine with as many “Holocaust” scenarios as they want to run on you. I figure, take the trash out now, not later.
    Mind you, that is assuming they don’t chase me down for being normally heterosexual and retaining my ability to procreate.

    Oh wait…..they won’t. My bad.

    You know, “If you can’t kill them out, BREED them out.”
    I always love that line. Pass all the laws you want either way.
    We still win.

    “Liberty” means cleaning out domestic retards in order to keep the overall system healthy and functional (hint HINT). If you have to take a shit like a normal person, you will understand you get rid of the shit, you don’t keep it…..THAT is the price of FREEDOM!

  • Tony

    Yes Captain Crappy er slappy we desperatley need breeders to make more of those lovely Gays.

    Yes Cuntinelly er Suckanelly er cuccinelli it is desperatley wrong for those loveley Gays to be playing with themselves. They really should have other lovely Gays to play with them.

    So come on Captain Crappy er slappy pull your finger out (it’s unnatural) and do the nasty er necessary thing.

  • Kellyc01

    Any Facebook people out there?
    Go to Ken Cuccinelli’s fan page and leave an Equality comment. Show those bigots that we are NOT supporting him and neither should they!

  • livingInVirginia

    I know Steve Shannon from Equality Fairfax and trust me when I say voting for Shannon is not standing up to Cuccinelli. I’ve been to many meeting where Steve has spoken and have went to several of the Equality Virginia events in Richmond, Steve Shannon is hardly a friend of the gays. I want vote for Cuccnelli but I’m also not voting for Shannon. When Steve supports gays I’ll vote him.

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