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  • Kev C

    I predict people will pretend to like her new album, even though..

  • MonereMonae

    And 100 Million will go right back into the Haus of Gaga benefiting everyone she cares about, not for her own personal gain.

  • redball

    I’m not a businessgirl. I’m a BUSINESS, gurl!

  • Jon B

    That’s $110,000,000.

  • jacknastion

    what is the point of this story? It seems to be implying that we shouldn’t be giving Gaga our money, or that she is undeserving or something. In 2010 the only money I spent on Gaga was one concert ticket, and I had a blast at the show with my friends and would totally go again some other time.

  • truthhurts

    $$$ she takes from companies that do not support gay rights. In fact they donate money to politicians who vote and voice opinions against gay rights. Why hasn’t Queerty picked up on this? Idiots

  • Obama DID say DADT would happen on his watch... (John From England)


    Hausa of gaga? WTF? You would like w cult member!

    Not bad for a private school educated rich ex best bud of Paris Hilton Italian Jew from New York!

    Make that money off the public!

    In other news, the third world, is still the third world.

    Anyway, Forbes are so full of manure. They have to be the biggest PR marketing machine I have ever seen for anyone who doesnt understand finances or the entertainment industry!

    I don’t believe that ridiculous number for one second especially as it took Madonnas, Michael Jackson, Prince and George Michael more then a decade to make that in a year but aaaanyway, let’s play dumb and pretend that people are really buying all this shit.

    100 mill is gross profit not net, so more likely the brand gaga will come out with a fraction of that after all the running costs Inc staff is covered. Then that net profit has to include Akon who is her manager and he man who made her, so depending on the contract she signed with him, either he gets a basic salary all the time, which I don’t think so, or he splits the net with her on some 60-40% split. He is 60 and she is 40.

    But that’s even being kind as we all know what managers are like and what the music industry is like. Akon is all about making a profit so not sure at all she would even get that much split.

    So if that sum ic correct, either way, she will still come out with at least a million..which is a helluva lot still.

  • jason

    I think the headline should read “Fake Gay Advocate Set To Get Rich Off Gullible Gay Men Who Wouldn’t Know Shit From Stew”.

  • MonereMonae

    @truthhurts: I’m sorry, was that a complete sentence…?
    And please, if she really was using the ungodly amount of money for herself, where is all of her expensive shit and what time in the world does she have to even make use of it? She’s, essentially, been on tour since her -first- album came out. When she isn’t performing, she’s making speeches, attending award shows or working on her music/shows.

  • Jeffree

    @Jason: Why do you focus your rants on “fake” allies rather than on actual foes of LGBs?

    When will you learn to say something positive about someone? Anyone?

  • jason

    Fake allies are worse than genuine enemies.

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    Fake allies? She is coming out with a song ABOUT being gay, she has openly said she is bisexual, she has protested against H8.

    What the fuck more do you want? Britney, Failtina, Rihanna, Mariah, Madonna, Whitney, Cher, Kylie, etc etc etc NO OTHER DIVA has EVER been this vocal and supportive about LGTB…so you hateful bitches take a seat, NOW.

  • Kev C

    I’ll take a seat when I’m paid a million billion dollars. Hey look at me, I’m pro-gay! Pay me a billion dollars! Little monsters? Anyone?

  • Jeffree

    @Jason: Get some help. Your tinfoil hat is apparently leaking. When you can no longer distinguish between a sworn enemy, a benign friend, & someone who doesn’t give a damñ, you know you’ve crossed the line into full-bore craaaazytown. Population = Jason (and alter-egos “Bruce” and “Max Campbell”.

  • Jeffree

    @Jason: Get some help. Your tinfoil hat is apparently leaking. When you can no longer distinguish between a sworn enemy, a benign friend, & someone who doesn’t give a damñ, you know you’ve crossed the line into full-bore craaaazytown. Population = Jason (and alter-egos “Bruce” and “Max Campbell”.)

  • justiceontherocks

    @ Jeffree – at least this time we could understand what he/she was saying.

    Jason, or whatever your name is, let’s assume Lady GaGa is a “fake” ally. Let’s assume she was just faking it by making DADT repeal her cause. This hurts who? Until you can answer that with a coherent sentence, go away.

  • Kev C

    @justiceontherocks: DADT repeal isn’t her cause .. it’s a twitter. I’ve known real LGBT activists and advocates who have spent their lives struggling for their cause. And yet some ditzy pop star dabbling between costume changes is a cause celebre? Gimmeabreak.

  • justiceontherocks

    @KevC – her job is to be an entertainer, not a political activist.

    You still haven’t told me how her “dabbling between costume changes” hurts you. It doesn’t. Find some meaningful outlet for your anger.

  • Kev C

    In the mind of the 13 yo girls who make up her base, she’s seen as some sort of gay activist figure. And she’s getting rich because of this false perception. Every friggin dollar she makes from her gay icon status should be given to real gay activists!

  • Joseph L

    @Kev C – Why so bitter, queen? If she uses her fame to bring sympathy to the cause, then who cares? She has to dedicate her entire life to the cause or it just isn’t good enough for you? She did more to bring awareness of DADT repeal than, I don’t know, the HRC.

    And sorry, 13yo girls are not her only “base.” She isn’t Justin Bieber. And even if some teenagers look up to her, and she is pro-gay, then isn’t that a good thing?

  • Kev C

    Some folks think credit should go to those who actually do the work. And some folks don’t like being exploited for fame and money. And some folks just like good music. Let’s remember that most people on earth don’t like Lady Gaga because of her lack of talent.

  • justiceontherocks

    @KevC – Everybody who helped deserves credit. Gaga helped. I know she’s very sorry you don’t like her music. That has nothign to do with her efforts on DADT. She is not “exploiting” you. She is marketing to you. There is a huge difference.

    Now go be paranoid somewhere else.

  • Kev C

    Well, gay and straight people around the world are being brought together in harmony and rainbow unity because of their dislike for Gaga.


  • jack

    @MonereMonae: I clicked over to the Haus thinking it was a nonprofit, based on your comment. Not so.

    Films – Fashion – Images.

    “Her design team, Haus of Gaga, is one of the greatest secret crews working in the music business today. Aside from the fact that they design almost everything Gaga wears, little else is known about them.

    We do know, however, that they are hard at work coming up with crazy cool outfits for her upcoming Monster Ball Tour.”

    So it basically does end up benefiting her. All good and well, but your post was a little misleading (“everyone she cares about”).

  • Truthhurts

    @Monreremonrae WTF are you going on about? I said she takes money from sponsors, such as the miracle whip company, who donate money to anti-gay rights politicians. She’s a hungry hungry hippo-crit and I’m sorry if you little monsters are too delusional to realize this.

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