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How Lesbian Bishop Mary Glasspool Is Going to Cause the Deaths of a 1000 Christians

Throughout human history, just about every follower of any religion or faith has been persecuted. Just ask the Scientologists. There was a time in history that one religious faction in particular did much of the persecuting: Christians. So lovely to see one extremist sect saying now that the Episcopal Church confirmed Mary Glasspool, a lesbian, as a Los Angeles bishop, Christians all over the world are going to be slaughtered by Muslims in a jihad.

According to Jeff Walton with the Institute on Religion & Democracy (IRD), Glasspool’s election will make it tough for Christians in certain countries.

“Last week there were over 500 people who were killed in three villages surrounding Jos Nigeria,” he shares. “These Christian villagers were killed for their faith. The people who attacked them were yelling ‘God is great’ in Arabic, and one of the charges against the Christians was that they were immoral.”

Walton explains the rationale behind that accusation. “When a Muslim sees the newspaper headline, ‘Anglican elects partnered lesbian bishop,’ they don’t draw a distinction between African Christians and European or American Christians,” he says.

Not that Walton really believes the Episcopal Church will have blood on its hands!

The IRD spokesman is quick to point out that he is not blaming the Episcopal Church for the attacks in Nigeria. But he says Episcopal Church officials in the United States are not taking that factor into account in their race to be “all inclusive.”

Yes. Because other religions cannot be all inclusive, nobody should be. This man is a poison.