How LGBTs Like You Are Helping the Haitian Earthquake Relief Effort

Rainbow World Fund, the international relief agency, is among the many non-profits accepting donations to go directly toward aiding the tens of thousands of displaced, injured, and needy victims of the earthquake in Haiti. What separates RWF apart from, say, the Red Cross is its specific focus on LGBTs, working with queer communities across the globe to provide assistance. Thus far, RWF has committed $40,000 to the Haitian relief effort, and they’re still accepting donations. If you’re interested in offering financial support, visit their site here and specify “Haiti.” Of course, we remind everyone to carefully research and vet any organization they donate money to, to ensure funds go where they’re intended. In 2007, RWF claims “of every $1 RWF received (monetary donations, grants, interest income and contributed supplies), 91¢ went to programs and services that directly benefited those most in need. 2.9¢ went to educate people about issues of humanitarian need and 6.5¢ went to administrative and fundraising costs.” Those are some pretty excellent numbers for a non-profit.