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How Long Until Fringe Group AFA’s Attacks on Amanda Simpson Enter the Mainstream?

Referring to Amanda Simpson by her male birth name Mitchell, the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer, the director of issues analysis, follows up the group’s earlier statement on Obama’s transgender appointee. See, we told ya Simpson’s fear about being the “token” T in the Obama administration was the least of her concerns.

Where the AFA trolls, outlets like Fox News — which just signed Sarah Palin to a multi-year contributor deal — will follow. So it’s worrisome, though expected, to see Fischer lay into Simpson so viciously. The AFA already called Simpson’s appointment a “severe mistake, because it puts the weight of the federal government behind the normalization of sexual deviancy”; now Fischer heads father south.

The world’s leading mental health professionals agree that this is a form of mental illness. It is a psychiatric condition which requires therapeutic treatment. It is listed as such in the APA’s official Diagnostic and Statistical Manual and on the WHO’s official International Classification of Diseases.

That’s why it is a travesty that the president appointed the former Mitchell Simpson (who now goes by “Amanda”) to a prominent position in his administration. What the deviance cabal wants more than anything is society’s approval for their sexually aberrant lifestyles.

In fact, that and that alone is what drives the entire homosexual agenda: they want society to affirm their non-normative behavior, and want anyone who disagrees with them to be punished for daring to hold the values that have under-girded civilization for 8,000 years.

On the bright side, we’ve got a fun new term for ourselves: The Deviance Cabal. We want t-shirts, WE WANT T-SHIRTS.