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How Long Until The Tim Gunn Backlash Backlash Begins?

Making enemies with Anna Wintour. Ragging on Taylor Momsen. Hating on Michaele and Tareq Salahi. Is there anyone Tim Gunn does like? Doesn’t sound like it — even on his own show.

The Project Runway contestants might be Gunn’s least favorite people, depending on how you interpret the sudden deletion of Gunn’s Facebook vlog about the show’s most recent episode. The New York Post reports:

“Project Runway” host Tim Gunn says he, and not Lifetime, yanked a video from his Facebook page in which he ranted about last week’s episode and called out the show’s producers. “Lifetime had nothing to do with it. I did it completely on my own,” Gunn told The Post yesterday after the story broke in Gunn’s been posting his behind-the-scenes “Project Runway” recap videos for a while now. His latest rant — recapping last week’s show, in which designers were challenged to create modern-day sportswear inspired by Jackie Kennedy — was pulled off his Facebook page shortly after it was posted.

[…] Gunn says he’s not sure now if he’ll be posting any more “Runway” critiques on his Facebook page. “I’m debating it,” he said. “I don’t want to hurt anyone, and at the same time I want to be able to talk matter-of-factly. “The experience with this episode has been very sobering for me,” he said. “It’s kind of a wakeup call — you just can’t say anything, yet, at the same time, there are things I want to share. “I need to be a little more careful about it, even though we all make mistakes.”

You can still watch the clip [via Popwatch], because nothing on the Internet is ever deleted, and this will be an important historical entry when, in 12 months, somebody pieces together the elements of Tim Gunn’s downfall. Because really, I have a feeling that’s what we’re watching.

Everybody loves Tim Gunn, and for so long we thought Tim Gunn loved everybody. He was the foil to Nina Garcia and Michael Kors’ bitchiness, and the personality to Heidi Klum’s … blank stare. But now he’s turning into a Simon Cowell type, not necessarily saying mean things because he likes to say mean things, but completely eliminating his filter and letting the bitchiness roam free. It makes me think he’s been wanting to head down this road for a while, but was held back by whatever forces of the universe (showrunners? publicists? Liz Claiborne contracts?) kept him at bay.

No more.

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  • NAP79

    I doubt there will be a backlash. Tim G is a saint and very intelligent. So far it sounds like everything he is saying about these celebrities is true. And some of these “designers” are on PR for their character-type or demographic, not b/c they are talented. He should be free to comment on them and hopefully boost the shows selection process.


    Gimmie a break! This is the best season of Project Runway yet. The new 90 minute show gives a lot more time to see more of the personalities of designers and gives Tim more face time. His rant two weeks ago was totally unexpected completley justified and a well deserved bitchslap at Gretchen……..He correctley pointed out what a bitch Gretchen is and that AJ was tossed under each wheel of the bus because she hijacked the entire process and everyone simply followed her….

    And look who his targets are….Taylor Momsen who is headed down the Lindsey Lohan highway. Michaele and Tareq Salahi, possibly two of the biggest fame whores in existance today………Tim Gunn is pretty much stating the obvious and not following every other public figure who can not stop worshipping the asses of asses who are famous for no significant reason then for being famous………

    “and this will be an important historical entry when, in 12 months, somebody pieces together the elements of Tim Gunn’s downfall. Because really, I have a feeling that’s what we’re watching.” Suddenly when a Gay person speaks his mind and is not simply a talking head parroting what everyone else says it is his “downfall”??????

    Miss Sarah Nigel, you need to run down to the clue store and purchase a whole bunch because it is very obvious you don’t possess a single one………

  • BenR

    I’m sure that somehow he’ll make it work.

  • James UK

    The guy cares about fashion, he cares about the contestants and he cares about the show. Clearly he has exposed the imperial producers as having no clothes (and probably little clue and less talent) which may well count as biting the hands that feed him. But apart from refusing to say that shit smells like rosewater to keep the boss’s face straight, what was wrong with his post?

    It was spot on!

    It wasn’t at all bitchy.

    And as far the Salahis. No one with any class would have that pair wait their table, much less sit down at it. Now that was bitchy.

  • Adam

    “Backlash”? Why, exactly, would Tim speaking out against publicity whores (Salahi), clueless TV execs (some of the ‘Runway’ hacks, apparently), and egomaniacs (the Gretchenator) generate backlash? The fact that Tim was able to self-edit and pull the vlog–while Simon was hardpressed to anything nice about anyone–illustrates the huge chasm between the two. It’s a same the author of this article has never (or rarely) seen Tim Gunn speak. He’s a breath of fresh air in the wasteland that is reality TV.

  • adman

    See what happens when “journalists” like these at Queerty weigh in on something, or erm…anything? A knowledgeable party like TG with his wealth of experience, raft of talent, and integrity to match has an opinion. So far, so good. Then, hacks who know nothing pull their fingers from their butts, wave them in the air to see which way the wind blows, and, coming up with a consensus much the way a school of fish might, they offer their resulting “opinion”.
    At first glance it might seem to be a debate, but in truth there is no debate. Ease back, Queerty, take a valium, and let Mr. Gunn do what he does flawlessly, rest assured in the knowledge that you do nothing a fraction as well, and probably never will. Not with your attitude. False equivalence is not something to garner insight in future discussion, it’s a way to get ears and eyes right now, followed quickly by rapidly forming disinterest, since it’s just pointless and sensational.
    Besides, Talking about my sweet silver fox Tim can get your hair snatched off of your head, is that what you want?

  • Dick

    This whole show is spinning out of control. A few shows back when Heidi asked the former Bridesmaid a question and she answered that the dress was comfortable, Heidi said “that means no, you didn’t like it”. That woman was not a contestant, and for Heidi to put words into her mouth was rude.

  • erik

    Who wrote this post? It presents very little evidence and few original ideas. It’s also poorly written.

  • Kyle412

    Tim, if it so stressful then quit. Go dig ditches and lets see how much you complain.

  • Cam

    Their won’t be a backlash, Gunn isn’t running around trying to get his face in every camera. And as for using him disliking the Salahi’s as an example that he is mean…are you crazy? The whole country hates them.

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