How Many Anti-Gay Politicians Can Mary Cheney Support?

So Mary Cheney, the gay daughter of Dick, is on the board of something called the Alliance for America’s Future, which is (getting paid to?) produce about $1 million in ads for Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum, the guy who hired George Alan Rekers to defend the state’s ban on gay adoption, and who wants to replace Charlie Crist as the state’s next governor. McCollum is a mean Anti-Gay, which of course means Ms. Cheney is selling out her own community in the name of profit!

AAF is “a secretive political committee that won’t reveal its sources of funding, but that has ties to McCollum,” says the Tampa Tribune. And in TV ads, they’ve been going after McCollum challenger Rick Scott. Not that McCollum’s camp is responsible!

The McCollum campaign denies any connection to the group, called Alliance for America’s Future. But they were produced by political advertising consultant Chris Mottola, and the time was bought by McLaughlin and Associates – both are strategists who work for McCollum’s campaign and have worked for him in past races.

In 2009, McCollum took criticism for giving Mottola a no-bid contract for $2.5 million in public money for series of public service ads on cybercrime and Internet predators. The ads prominently featured McCollum, and critics said they looked more like campaign ads than public service ads. Through a spokesman, McCollum declined to say that the group should reveal its donors or pull its ads. He “believes every organization engaging on issues or in campaigns must follow the law,” said spokeswoman Kristy Campbell. The Alliance has bought close to $1 million worth of time for the ads, and intends to buy more, said Barry Bennett, a member of its board.

Not that we should be all that surprised; Mary Cheney has a history of supporting anti-gay politicians. So does that make Cheney worse than, say, BP oil spinstress Hilary Rosen? Both are slick with goo.

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    A vile miserable self hating crunt…………………….

  • Ronbo

    No, she is the product of her environment. Just as today we are the product of the removal of the “fairness doctrine”. We think infotainment is “news” while mis-information is repeated (without correction) until we believe lies while KNOWING they are untrue. For example, “Everyone agreed to the fact that Saddam had WMDs. Everyone was for the war to avenge those who attacked us on 9/11.”

    May God forgive us for not standing up and fighting when we were called. When we were needed most.

  • alan brickman

    Another gay making money off the pain of gays…sounds like Perez Hilton!!!!!

  • jeffree

    The Cheneys are a few family members shy of being like the Phelps clan: a mix of crazy & evil. Difference is that when the Cheneys talk, people applaud.

  • Derek Washington

    I just don’t understand. She makes me very sad.

  • Cheryl Wright = ZZZ's (John From England)

    @Derek Washington:

    Nothing to understand.

    Some people didn’t choose to be gay or black or black AND gay, which is why you get situations like this when people’s inherent characteristics come through.

    Right Wingers do care about profit first and everything else second, so this is in lieu with her politics to be fair.

    The dispicable person is McCullom. It’s okay to break he rules and spend K’s so gays will never have rights because you are sooo impassioned by the fight to have them gotten rid of BUT you will happily take money from a gay women with children with another women?

    Now that is more juicy and could be used even more to discredit McCullom.

  • christopher di spirito

    Mary and Liz Cheney are the perfect mini me clones of their uber-shrew of a mother, Lynne Cheney.

  • Ian

    How can anyone expect any more from a woman who probably only inherited half a soul, since she sure as hell didn’t get one from her truly evil, orchestrated 9-11 for oil profit, father.

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