Activists Push For Mayor's Resignation, Mayor Refuses

How Many Flushes Until Anti-Gay Naugle Goes Down?

It’s payback time for Fort Lauderdale’s fruits – and they’re using more than just toilet paper. A grassroots movement called United Fort Lauderdale has launched the “Flush Naugle” campaign against Mayor Jim Naugle, who infuriated fagalas when he suggested installing robo-toilets to curb public gay sex.

The potty trained gay activists gathered in front of Fort Lauderdale’s city hall yesterday wearing matching yellow t-shirts, which are sure to become a collector’s item. Though Naugle’s out of office in March of 2009, they’re calling for his immediate resignation.

One activist, a man named Wayman Hudson, insisted, “We ask for the mayor to stop tarnishing the reputation of Fort Lauderdale with his ignorance and bigotry and resign.” After posing for cameras outside the government building, the concerned citizens headed inside, where openly gay politico Ken Keechl said,

When you put yourself in the public eye you become a target. It’s probably fair to say gays and lesbians have been a target our entire lives. To be an openly gay or lesbian candidate and then elected official is an additional burden.

Openly gay city commissioner Dean Trantalis asked for an apology:

Mayor, only a great man can admit his mistakes. We are asking you to apologize. I ask this of you because the only other alternative is for you to resign.

Naugle not only refuses to resign, but also claims he’s no homophobe, “I’m not homophobic, and I’m not a bigot. I speak the truth and sometimes it’s not politically correct.” Or, really, the truth, like when he said he can’t use the word “gay” because homos ain’t happy.