How Many Gay Soldiers Were Fired As Of This Minute

Got your own blog? Then share with the world how many men and women have been fired from the U.S. military for being gay since Barack Obama took office in January. The Servicemembers Legal Defense Network — whose client roster includes names like Dan Choi — just launched this widget, which as of this publishing counts 226 civil rights violations.

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  • edgyguy1426

    Great idea!

  • alan brickman

    should have happened sooner….but still great!!!

  • Lex

    Because Obama can come in and change everything overnight. Do you people know anything at all about the government?

  • rsquared

    How about a count down widget showing the number of days left in this presidents one (and ONLY) term based on his false promises and civil rights violations?

  • AndTom

    LEX and people like LEX THE ANSWER IS YES AND ALWAYS WILL BE YES. HE has the right to end all firing of soilders, and a big fyi the only reason there is equality for ethnic minortys in the military is because of a presdent congress has yet to act.

  • schlukitz

    Lex = Obamabot

    Don’t confuse him with the facts.

    He’s already made up his mind.

  • Fitz

    It’s an interesting idea. I would be more interested, because it would be very damning if I am right, about how many investigations started since he took office.

  • Michael @ LeonardMatlovich.com


    There is no reason to believe that the pace of “investigations” has changed one way or the other since Obama took office as, for the last few years, with the need for bodies for Iraq and Afganistan the Pentagon had essentially discouraged the kind of aggressive pursuits and witch hunts that marked earlier years.

    His alleged “support” for ending DADT certainly wasn’t going to change anything alone, particularly given that, to the contrary, not only is he refusing to use his Congressionally mandated authority to freeze any kind of discharge in a time of “national emergency” which, by definition of the use of reserve troops this is, his administration has said that they will continue to DEFEND DADT discharges in court until the law is repealed .

    Unconscionable in the extreme.

  • Michael @ LeonardMatlovich.com

    PS: Thanks Queerty for promoting this counter which belies the fiction that only Choi et al., have been affected since Jan. 20.

  • fruxforte

    @rsquared: Wow. You’d rather have a republican in office than Obama? At least he’s not signing any new bills against us.

    I think the main reason he hasn’t tackled gay rights yet is because he wants to get reelected first. That’s much more strategic.

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