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  • L.


    For the first time since as far as I can remember, I want to have babies with a woman.

  • L.


    For the first time since as far as I can remember, I want to make babies with a woman.

  • Geoff M

    Good God I love Rachel!

  • robert

    “How Many Logic Fails Can Rachel Maddow Find In Bill O’Reilly’s Monologues?”

    All of them?

  • L.

    (Sorry for the double post. I’d *love* an edit feature like on Gawker, for instance.)

  • samthor

    Bravo Ms. Maddow.

  • Rashid

    Rachel Maddow is the sexiest woman…ever.

  • EdWoody

    To be fair, she did also engage in argumentum ad absurdum there – with the bit about sharks. So she’s not completely blameless.

  • Baxter

    Does anyone else find it tiresome when networks attack each other? Don’t they have any actual news to report?

  • L.

    @EdWoody: Erm – she only did it to illustrate the point she was making.

  • Hylomorphic

    @EdWoody: But the argumentum ad absurdum is not a logical fallacy. To the contrary, it is a classical example of a valid form of argument.

    Now, she’s not using it in a precisely exact manner, but the point is valid.

  • B

    No. 8 · EdWoody wrote, “To be fair, she did also engage in argumentum ad absurdum there – with the bit about sharks. So she’s not completely blameless.”

    The shark portion was probably intended as humor, but technically it is an appeal to ridicule.

  • Syl

    Boo. Loathe as I to say it, but Maddow’s just beating the tired “all opposition is racist” meme into the ground. O’Reilly is full of shit, hopefully lots of people see that and just watch him as entertainment. But I’m sick of the utter laziness and bad faith of those who use the race card to try to end all opposition and debate. Yes, there are racist white people out there. There’s also racist blacks, Asians, and Hispanics, and self-loathing whites who feel that it’s their duty to somehow make up for all past racism. And yes, Fox News often spins and exaggerates, and is biased in its coverage of certain events for the sake of ratings and politics. So is MSNBC.

    Still, she’s living my dream… :x

  • tjr101

    Bill O’Reilly is an uber right-wing extremist loon!

  • adman

    Rachael Maddow is my light in the media wasteland, is there any way to convince her to launch her own network? Rachael, NOW! or some such, it could be called.

  • L

    not that I like bill o’reily, but I notice her video does alot of nifty video cuts too

    sad truth: both sides of the political spectrum distort the truth for their own agenda

  • Dawson

    I’m sure the realization that all this feud between the two personalities will do is drive up ratings for both shows is not lost on either personality.

  • Dawson

    @Baxter: No they don’t….news networks are all about ratings not actual news.

  • Jim

    She is an idiot. When she and Olbermann die in a car crash, the world will be a much better place.

  • Jason

    Dykes are gross.

  • Jae

    @EdWoody But the shark bit isn’t “argumentum ad absurdum”, she’s actually taking what O’Reilly believes to be logical and has proved it not only illogical but silly. If O’Reilly is going to belittle the argument to ratings, then Shark Week is the winner. She isn’t avoiding O’Reilly’s mock by making fun of him, she’s lighting the fuse on his own words so it backfires.

  • Rosli

    @robert: She’s great at picking them up and tearing them apart. She’s woman enough to correct any mistakes she makes on her part then goes on intellectually beating Bill O’Reilly. Who can’t even scratch the surface of debating Rachel so he uses what he can with that arrogant and cocky condescending voice.

  • Rosli

    @L: Uh do you think she should devote the entire hour to an entire monologue(s)? If a person was truly interested in the entire thing there is always youtube and transcript from his show. Rachel is only bringing to light what was important to point out and nail it. Fox NEVER plays an entire clip of anything even if the clip was 30 seconds long, they will just manipulate it make a non republican look so bad.

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