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How Many Men Did James Franco Get It On With On SNL?

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Ya know how everyone says Levi Johnston is a gay icon? When he totally, completely isn’t? Well if we’re using such loose standards for the term, then James Franco isn’t just a gay icon, he’s a gay deity. Because at least he’s willing to smooch on other dudes on national television.

We’re not sure Franco’s SNL last night tops the absolute gayness of last week’s Taylor Lautner-hosted show, but it comes pretty damn close.

From smooching on his brother and grandpa (above) to playing Liberace’s fellatio receptacle James Dean on Vincent Price’s Christmas Special (below), it was a very queer … last SNL of the decade(!). Which would make us sad, if we weren’t able to repeatedly watch Franco tongue another dude.

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(And we bet producers even knew about the same-sex kissing during rehearsal.)