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How Many of Andy Tobias’ 30 LGBT Democratic Accomplishments Actually Accomplished Anything?

Whenever an Obama defender goes through the effort of finding all the ways the president is your Fierce Advocate™, you can be hella sure it’s going to be picked apart as inadequate and flawed. Which is exactly what’s happened with gay DNC treasurer Andy Tobias “Accomplishments by the Administration and Congress on LGBT Equality.” Ooh, how inclusive, are the Republicans gonna get some play?

Obama has been in office about about 15 months now, so being able to point to, as Tobias does, a whole 30 things he did for any one community is pretty impressive. Except if that list of 30 things includes some pretty unimpressive data.

The list already received a satisfactory take down from John Aravosis, so we needn’t go through it line-by-line with a highlighter. But really, here’s No. 29: “Produced U.S. Census Bureau PSAs featuring gay, lesbian, and transgender spokespersons.” Here’s No. 15: “Supported lower taxes for same-sex couples who receive health benefits from employers.”

Last time we checked, producing web spots and “supporting” — the vaguest of vague terms, which we fully support using — weren’t exactly brazen accomplishments that change anything.

What’s most notable about this list is what isn’t on it. And the missing items should have taken spots 1 thru 10.