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How Many Sexual Innuendos Can Chase Make About ‘Hard Candy’?

Gay pop singer Chase, who does not think he requires a surname TO BE MEMORABLE, releases the video for “Hard Candy,” a mix between Willy Wonka and everything that’s wrong with Katy Perry, WHICH includes predictably obvious sexually charged candy lyrics: “I’m king size / Bring your appetite / If you’re hungry, why wait? / I can satisfy (Yum!).” And while I like Snickers bars more than this song, I’m sort of infatuated with random guys building themselves into auto-tuned club anthem makers.

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  • Soupy

    Why do people want to make Britney look better?

  • 7

    Dear god.

    Good thing we’ve got Jonsi making actually good pop music now.


  • Fitz

    There is a lot of good stupid gay pop out there. So don’t let this turn you off.

  • edgyguy1426

    I like the fact Michael doesn’t cater to the straight crowd by ‘ho-ing’ up his videos. I like his sign language versions of Britney and Gaga’s music. A lot less auto-tune but I think he does an amazing job with what he has.

  • mark1528

    its so creative! amazing job!! i loved it! thanks for posting!

  • Clint


  • Michael

    @mark1528: This one is better. Better still if they would eliminate the sound track.

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    If this video was made for fun then hooray for them. If this was serious… then that was just plain fucking corny :/

  • Ian

    The sign language version is better.

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