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How Many Times Does Glenn Greenwald Have To Explain To The Media How The Media Is Supposed To Work?

Perhaps even more impressive than Glenn Greenwald’s CNN appearance yesterday was his written follow-up about the lamestream media’s institutional targeting of WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange (and, by default, his alleged source Bradley Manning) for doing something investigative journalists do — or at least hope to do — all the time: reveal government secrets that can positively or negatively impact Americans and their interests for the sake of democracy. GOD GLENN IS SEXY WHEN HE THROWS DOWN. (His best line, emphasis ours: “Maybe CNN doesn’t do this, but good investigative journalists work their sources all the time to convince them to give them classified information to inform the citizens of the United States about what the government is doing. That’s what journalists do.) And how did Fox News handle the latest round of Assangeness?

Just as irresponsibly as CNN. But this time the ire was aimed at Manning, the gay private first class who apparently deserves to be imprisoned under inhumane conditions besides not being convicted nor charged with a crime.

[bottom video via Mediaite]

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