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How Mark Reed + Dante Walkup Became The First Gay Couple To Legally Marry In Texas: With A Webcam

We’re sorry you couldn’t be at the Oct. 10 wedding ceremony of Texas couple Mark Reed (a GetEQUAL board member) and partner Dante Walkup, but in a sense neither could they: Texas don’t like-y the gay marriage! So they did what any tech-savvy couple would: Turned on a web cam, fired up Skype, and had activist Sheila Alexander-Reid in Washington D.C. marry them over the Internet. (They did, however, travel to D.C. to get their actual marriage certificate.) Not that Texas is going to recognize the status of their relationship, but it appears to be the first legal gay wedding in Texas ever, thanks to some clever ingenuity. How’s that for marriage tourism? Bravo, gents! The only way to top this? Taking e-marriage to the fourth dimension. [Dallas Voice]