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How Meghan McCain And The Media Teamed Up to Sell Her New Book

Meghan McCain, who cannot stand President Obama (he’s a big failure, basically), was on Rachel Maddow’s program last night, and I’m not sure who found it more hilarious that she was kicked off her dad’s presidential campaign. IS THAT STILL A FUNNY JOKE? But they also talked about homosexuals! So there you have it, folks, the marketing plan for McCain’s Book: Palin, and a Republican who supports gays.

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  • Rob

    “Come to Jesus.” “Island of misfit toys.” For, like, a published author, she, like, really enjoys speaking almost entirely in cliches.

  • Sean

    What is the point of view of this post? I just hear a bitchy ringing noise.

  • Briann

    Hey! Great idea…. Let’s bash one of the few Republican allies in the fight for gay rights because she’s an (R) instead of a (D). Fantastic! It’s not like there are people on both sides of the isle that feel disheartened by Obama. Her pointing out his failures on the gay rights front are a prime example. I may not agree with her on a lot of things, but if she can convince more Republicans to be socially liberal, as they ought to be, then more power to her. I wish her nothing but success in doing so, and I may just buy her book.

  • mb

    I agree with Sean. What are you saying here? Getting an author on an national program to shill her book is what they’re supposed to do. That’s the function of marketing….nothing new here!

  • Ryanthehulk

    I love Meghan. She is our designated Republican hag. Plus her + Rachel = critical adorableness. She’s a loud, sassy straight girl, she is the bread and butter of this community.

  • ewe

    Pathetic. No one would give one freagin fuck about this bitch if she was not the daughter of McCain. Why the media is giving her crediblity as a political analyst is baffling to me. She is about as important as Tim Russerts spoiled brat son who was handed a job most people have to work a lifetime to achieve. Fuck elitism and fuck the media for promoting it.

  • ewe

    And let’s not forget George Bush who was handed Daddys job as well over the rights of a free society to vote for representation. These people are as important as Kate Hudson and just as conspicuously UNtalented.

  • Crystal Allen

    There’s a name for you ladies, but it isn’t used in high society, outside of a kennel.

  • adam

    I don’t think she’s too bad, but why is she supporting that moronic Romney already for 2012? I call traitor. Both for gays and ‘moderates’ (nevermind that she’s a legit, complete liberal who only registered Republican for her dad’s campaign).

  • Aplus

    Never did I, there is a name for someone like that…

  • lincoln

    Also, I have to say, along with being McCain’s daughter, I don’t think too many people in this country would be paying her much mind if she wasn’t HOT. I would bet money that there are a few brilliant moderate repubs who aren’t as easy on the eyes as Miss Meghan is. And we will probably never see them on the news.

    Don’t get me wrong. I like her and think she’s pretty fab. But her hottness does play a factor.

  • CaliberGuy

    what the hell is your problem with her? she is a socially progressive moderate republican, what is wrong with that. She like most of her generation supports gay rights as well as many of the things that the new republican party dose not. Oh yeah its that she identifies as a republican and not a democratic! Get a life Queerty and find real things to be upset over.

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