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How Modern Family Will Convince America a High-Strung Dad And His Queeny Husband Are Good Parents

We’re big believers in the concept that if more Americans knew about openly gay people, and could relate to them, fewer of them would feel threatened by The Radical Activist Homosexual Agenda, which is one giant cuss word for equality. This notion has its detractors, like former NBA baller John Amaechi (at least when it comes to sports and not pop culture), but we’re sticking with it. And so too is Modern Family‘s Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who is gay, and plays the gay red-headed lawyer Mitchell Pritchett.

“So many traditional parents have come up to me and said, ‘My husband is totally Cameron.’ They’re relating to it,” says Ferguson. “I really wanted to be part of this couple on television. I think it’s groundbreaking. It hasn’t been done. I wanted to be the voice for that character and represent. … It’s a safe ‘in’ for a lot of people who are on the fence about the issue. They feel OK liking our couple. Maybe that will bleed into their personal life. Maybe it’s not such a big deal if two men raise a baby.”

Not such a big deal? Take your own advice, Pritchett!