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How Much Is That Trans Prostitute In The Window?, Asks Straight Acting Erik

His study abroad is certainly opening up the eyes of Straight Acting Erik! A trip to Hanover, Germany, had Erik discovering the various rates of sex workers in the red light district. Fifty euros for a bathroom handy from a trans prostitute? Sounds pricey! Especially when the biological ladies are charging only thirty.

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  • SonomaJack

    Hamburg? Hanover? The guy can’ even get the location right.

  • Erik

    I was in Hamburg, but I did pass through Hannover on my way to Hamburg.

  • Bob

    Got is he annoying and boring!!!

  • Dino

    “biological ladies?” As opposed to cyberladies? Molten-rock ladies??

  • Henry Holland

    @Dino: Oh, poor Dino, someone didn’t use the proper gender studies term, get out the pitchforks and torches!

  • Chris

    I like him but he’s more interesting usually.

  • Dou Lobbs

    I’d rather hear about the German dick he’s sucked.

  • tallskin2

    I’d rather hear about the German dick upon which he was impaled and the thorough and effective use of which required him to limp for the next couple of days.

  • Ashton C

    Good for you Erik, Glad to hear you are making the most out of the eurotrip. Oh and ignore these cyber bullies, thy are empty inside.

  • cutesmile

    Erik has a cute smile.

  • L.

    @tallskin2: I broke a bone last week that makes laughing painful. And you made me laugh. Meanie you.

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