How Much More Of Our Attention Does Amy Kushnir Deserve?

It has now been a little over a week since America had the distinct pleasure of being introduced to Amy Kushnir, the “strong American” and proud “Christian” from Texas who is so repulsed by public displays of affection that she can hardly stand to be alive.

The boxed blonde became a national laughingstock after storming off a Dallas morning show during a heated discussion over Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend on ESPN, which Kushnir believes was all a publicity stunt cooked up by none other than Oprah Winfrey. Since then, she’s hit the conservative media circuit, granting interviews with both Megyn Kelly and Glenn Beck.

As Kushnir continues spewing her hate to anyone who will listen, we can’t help but wonder: How much more of our attention does she deserve? At what point do we let her fade back into obscurity with all the other blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Bible-loving suburbanites sporting QVC jewelry?

After the comedic value wears off — and it’s wearing off quickly — what other value does Amy Kushnir really provide? Sounds off in the comments section below.

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  • Mezaien

    When GOD, created blond he was only kidding.

  • colourblind

    We should already be ignoring her ignorant behind. Allow her to fade out like the bleach job she has.

  • Cam

    I completely get what Queerty is asking with this post. Is it damaging to give these homophobes too much attention for their platform?

    But on the other side, the fact that she is such a hypocrite and comes off so badly, does it help the cause by highlighting how vapid she is ala Carrie Prejean?

  • Uncv1

    None! Done, done, done.

  • Dez

    No more time should be shown to this idiot woman! This is only proving her “point” that she and idiots like her get persecuted for their beliefs and not going along with the mainstream. She should be treated with indifference (even though I’d like to kick her in the face), just as the Michael Sam ESPN kiss should be treated with indifference.
    She’s such a cliche. She’s a hypocrite. Does she think that sheltering kids & trying to hide the fact that there are gay people will stop kids from being gay? I pity her for her ignorance but despise her for her self-righteous attitude. Sorry B!tch you feel persecuted- tell us, HOW DOES IT FEEL? We have NO IDEA.

  • Snapper59

    I live in DFW and her show is on some obscure cable channel and probably had a handful of viewers and now thanks to all the negative publicity and her martyr act she has many more. Next question.

  • tricky ricky

    she’s the daughter of notorious scam artist preacher robert tilton. she’s running a scam just like dear old daddy. she needs to be brought down!

  • Daveliam

    My issue with the way that Queerty discusses individuals is that you saturate the website with so many articles about a particular person that people get sick of them. Spread it out. The current crop includes this twat and Tom Daley. Some past examples are Dustin Zito and Nick Gruber.

    I’m not saying that you shouldn’t cover individuals that you think are interesting, I’m just saying to only write about a person when they have done something noteworthy. With this twat, she hasn’t really done anything noteworthy since making her “defending homophobia” statements, which were already covered twice.

    In general, I don’t see a problem with discussing homophobic people like her, but let’s not make her a bigger pseudo-celebrity (like you’ve done with people in the past).

  • David

    This line in the article strikes me as uncalled for name-calling. There are many who fit this description who probably are our friends. Or are even us!

    “with all the other blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Bible-loving suburbanites sporting QVC jewelry”

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with any of those things!

    We can’t demand respect and then resort to the same kind of name-calling they use. At least we can’t successfully.

  • dazzer

    I think she’s going to keep going on and on about how good she is until she gets the credit she thinks she deserves for being a brain donor.

  • Cam

    @David: said…”We can’t demand respect and then resort to the same kind of name-calling they use. At least we can’t successfully.”

    And what exactly was the insult?

  • vonric

    I rather appreciate Anderson Cooper’s approach – he located footage of her oohing and aaahing over a show segment devoted to the Chippendales…. somehow, guys shaking their parts while skimpily dressed does not offend her if she can maintain the fiction that the dancers are all straight and are all profoundly, deeply turned on by her bottle blonde brassyness…..

    she is nothing more than the usual rightwingnut preaching victimhood in the face of equity and social justice. And she is going to milk that victim role for all it is worth.. but, the rightwingnut fringe is gradually becoming a circular firing squad/echo chamber…

    time to move on, turn her name into a trivia question….

  • Harley


  • jwrappaport

    I genuinely have never heard of this person.

  • David


  • David


    I didn’t really call it an “insult.” I just called it “name-calling.”

    The implication is that if you are a fan of the Bible, are a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes and wear QVC jewelry, you belong in “obscurity” with all of the rest of the people like that who couldn’t possibly have worth.

    Honest, I’m none of those things, but it’s just snarky-sounding.

  • brianmovie

    Her 15 minutes are up……Goodbye

  • [email protected]

    She’d be history much sooner if the likes of Queerty would stop giving her attention with each newsletter.
    Geez !

  • scotshot

    @vonric:They should run the Chippendale’s segment every time they post an article. She was squealing like a pig having an orgasm.

  • Craigie

    Cut Up Not Toasted…

  • Craigie

    Cee U Next Tuesday !

  • cflekken

    This article is only giving her what she so badly desires: more attention. She is on a show voicing her opinions for attention. She stormed off the show because she wasn’t getting enough attention. She’s making her rounds telling her story for attention.

    So, stop giving her the attention. It’s that simple. File her and the Benham brothers into the archive for Queerty for good.

  • Craigie

    Kurshnir is the New ANITA BRYANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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