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How Much More Will Leslie Jordan Debase Himself Before Dancing With The Stars Signs Him?

If a Facebook campaign can get Betty White on Saturday Night Live, so the thinking goes, so too can a Facebook campaign get Leslie Jordan on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars.

Enlisting the help of the FIP Boys, Jordan produced this little clip in the hopes his campaign will go viral. But he’s got some competition in the social networking campaigning: There’s a movement to get Carol Burnett to host SNL, to have Betty White return to the show with Cloris Leachman, and to have Betty host the Oscars.

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  • L.

    What a coincidence. We are too old for this shit too, dear.

  • menlo

    who the hell is that

  • fredo777

    I would love to see Leslie Jordan on DWTS. You’ve got my support, love.

  • jeffree

    Mr. Jordan would be a great contestant on DWTS. He’s limber, agile, personable & very funny.

    If the show were brave enough, they would partner him with a male “professional dancer” but I dont foresee that happening in my life time.

    I’d vote for Derek Hough (sp?) as his partner but we all know thad DH has a façade to keep up !

  • Fitz

    Jesus– I like Betty White as much as anyone, but all this Carol Burnett and Cloris Leachman talk makes em think that people just want to live in the past.


    @jeffree: J…. 100% C0-Sign. I really don’t watch the show, though I loved the clips of Kate Grosslin dancin like a freakin zombie. Howeva I do check in if they have a Gay on, would definatley give a gander if Leslie was a contestant……..

    I howeva think if ya are voting for Miss Hough to dance with Leslie you would wind up with two queens partnered up…… :-p

  • mark kusnetz

    I want to see Leslie Jordan perform on DWTS, He us funny,agile and would bring great numbers to the show. Goooo Leslie!

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