How Much Responsibility Did George Weber Have?

There’s always a slight cringe felt ’round Queerty when the mainstream media decides to tackle sensitive gay issues. Like the murder of former WABC radio anchor George Weber, killed over the weekend by a disturbed 16-year-old knife fetishist who responded to Weber’s Craigslist sex ad. Irresponsibly obnoxious CNN anchor Rick Sanchez — who can’t get enough of the Twitter and the Facebook — and Lisa Bloom discussed the murder, and raised the disturbing but valid point: What guy cruising for sex online, let alone a guy with a journalism background, does do the most basic of background searches? Weber, who was corresponding with Katehis for a week before their meeting, never seemed to have found the kid’s MySpace page, which shows him wielding knives in multiple photos. It’s a terrible outcome, a horrific situation, but as Bloom notes, it was “terrible judgment” on Weber’s part. Does anybody deserve this? No. Are there safer ways to go about finding sex? Absolutely.