How Much Time Should GetEQUAL Have Before You Start Judging It?

I really like a lot of the questions Bil Browning has raised about GetEQUAL, the Jonathan Lewis-funded and Paul Yandura-powered activist group led by Robin McGehee and Kip Williams. These are points that need to be raised, and answers that need delivering. But is branding GetEQUAL as “HRC Lite” accurate?

If you look at GetEQUAL’s financing, maybe. They’ve got six figures coming in from Lewis’ Progressive Insurance billions, and that’ll be enough to keep them afloat for a bit. HRC also collects major cash from a small pool of wealthy donors. But unlike HRC, McGehee and Williams aren’t pretending black tie galas count as activism. Rather than tie themselves to the whims of many, their efforts are being funded by individuals with very clear goals in mind: go balls to the wall and do whatever it takes to kill DADT, DOMA, pass ENDA, and all the rest.

Being accountable to just two moneyed financiers raises its own slew of problems. But it’s a nice alternative to HRC, and not necessarily a “lite” version of the Gay Inc. group, for the problems burning at Joe Solmonese’s feet have to do with bureaucracy and inaction and lowest common denominators, things GetEQUAL appears to be eliminating. Or rather, not even participating in at all.

I have no vested interest in the future of GetEQUAL, at least no more than any queer person who’d like to achieve equality sometime soon. And while Browning’s concerns are worth expressing and monitoring —

After billing themselves as a grassroots organization meant for the common queer activist, so far what I’m seeing is wealthy funders giving two recently successful organizers quite a bit of cash to raise hell with no concrete strategy, deliverables, standards or apparent benefit to the LGBT community. While the group seems to know their place in this insiders/out strategy they’re playing with HRC, some of the similarities are still too obvious to be overlooked.

— I’m the type who’s going to welcome an alternative to the tried (and failed) strategy sessions of Gay Inc. What we’re seeing in GetEQUAL is just what so many LGBT Americans have been begging for over the past couple years: A departure from negotiating our rights and instead demanding them. I would love GetEQUAL to embrace transparency. I would love them to embrace diversity (right now it looks like a bunch of white folks running things, and image is everything). And I would love to see them earn credit, alongside other activist groups, for enacting change.

So I’m there with Browning, encouraging skepticism and evaluation, because we’ve gone so long without it. But I’m willing to see just how far GetEQUAL’s brand of activism can take us. Trust, but verify.

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  • edgyguy1426

    If image is indeed, everything, then I think the photo you included with this story says they’ve got the diversity thing rollin’ just fine. I know these aren’t the people running things but I think everyone feels they can be a part of things when they are grassroots and not black tie. I never felt comfortable in a formal situation but I’d rather rub elbows with the above crowd than the ‘What designer tux are you wearing’ crowd.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    The sum total of their argument is that because the directors of the organization earns 90k, and, therefore, that’s a lot of money. 90k. Indeed, one commentor wrote someone who earns 90k doesn’t represent me. Again, 90k. Not, 900k. 90. Union workers earn that in America. 50k is the median income for Americans. Non-profit directors earn 50 to 100k. But 90k is A LOT. According to Bill. If you are going to come up with an argument- try to make one that has something to do with the organizations actions. If the best you can do in order to argue “HRC LIte” is to claim 90k is a lot of money- there’s a problem with the strength of your argument. Again- that’s the sum total of the argument when you cut through the smoke screen- that 90k is too much money for an executive director of a national organization. There are teachers in NYC who earn around that salary.

  • AndrewW

    The issues raised by Bil Browning (and others) should have been explored and addressed BEFORE they launched their publicity stunts.

    Their self-described “crazy shenanigans” could hurt decades of work by dozens of organization, thousands of advocates/activists and millions of sincere participants.

    GetEQUAL still has not provided any rationale for their bag of irritating and childish tricks. Without providing us with some logic about their stunts we are simply left with Barney Franks assessment that they are “stupid, immature” and “they don’t change any minds.”

    I don’t object to “paid activists” as much as activists that don’t bother to create a strategy or plan. GetEQUAL has been controversial and many of us believe they have been counterproductive. I believe their stunts jeopardize the progress we have made as a community.

    They have an opportunity to change our minds by explaining their actions and how they help us.

  • Jason_Activist

    GetEQUAL has my vote and the support of hundreds of thousands of activists across the Country. We know they are fully responsible for all the recent action od DADT and ENDA.

    This is radical social justice and we must confront our enemies and demand our rights. I can already see the fear in their eyes.

    I marched last October and I know we owned Obama after that huge showing. We need more protests, rallies, sit-ins, hunger strikes and heckling. These are acts of courage and bravery.

    Can’t you hear MLK calling you? He is guiding GetEQUAL and they are delivering. Please get involved and raise your voices.

    PeaceLuvDemanding – You are nothing without your demands.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    @AndrewW: You were so thoroughly refuted over at Bilerico that I am tempted to tell people to follow the link to read your repeated attempts to bullshit, and other chiming in to rebut it.

    Like I keep saying to people, unlike your opinion, there is away to test whether Get Equal has produced positive results regarding media coverage of gay rights issues.

    See, Andrew, we are on this thing called the Internet. I used Google on the days that Get Equal acted looking at MSM to see the coverage. Guess what- it looks nothing like your opinion. That tells me you are not speaking for the impact Get Equal is actually having.

    And finally, you have an over inflated since of importance. Why exactly should your opinion matter with regard to objectively examining the impact of Get Equal? Let’s be clear- you are diparaging a group that was started in Dec 2009 by saying that they have not yet achieved their goals. Meanwhile , the groups you are saying that took decades, and still haven’t achieved shit, you are saying we should wait to see.

    Does anyone else see the problem here with Andrew’s odd sense of accountability? Wait for the organizations that haven’t done anything in decades. Attack the 6 month old organization as in effective.

    I hope someone is paying you well for the shit you write because a toddler could read through the logic.

  • Fitz

    To answer the question, I should not judge GeEQual until I am willing and able to do more than them. Until then, I should STFU, make a small donation, and be thankful.

  • Cam

    This has to be a joke. Image is everything when you are a marketing organization. As far as I’m concerned, if somebody is effectively getting me my rights, then I don’t care if they are woman, man, black, white, hispanic, asian etc…

    All I know is The White House and HRC told us that there would be no movement on DADT, after Get Equal made themselves a pain in the ass and Dan Choi got arrested a few times, suddenly Congress is pushing through a DADT repeal, and even blocader in cheif Barney Frank had to come on board. Then HRC jumps on the bandwagaon a week or two before the vote and the White House grugingly agrees to a compormise.

    I would say that in their first year they are a sucess. You may think that two wealthy donors funding them is a bad thing, I for one think it is good, in that most other organizations spend 95% of their time fundraising. Here is an organization that can spend 100% of their time advocating for our rights. Good for them.

  • alan brickman

    hurting “decades of work?” how long should it take to have equal rights???

  • jeffree

    Instead of criticizing GetEqual, remember that we wouldn’t NEED them if GayInc was effective. DOMA is still hanging over our heads, ENDA isn’t passed & DADT hangs in the balance.

    GetEqual is still finding their legs & developing their mission/ goals/ strategies. I wish them well, because we need better results more than we need better cocktail parties. HRC continues to ignore the fact that the game is changing and the glossy press releases are a poor substitute for actual successes.

    @D’oh, The Magnificent: AndrewW got OWNED over at Bilerico. His own strategy convinces no one of anything and so he is failing and his stunts show no evidence of results ! See, I just highlighted his three favorite words—It’s contagious !!

    It’s Odd that AndrewW and his alteregos are now fixated on GetEqual instead of Big Gay Inc, as he has been. Too much of a threat to his worldview?

  • DR (the real one, not the guy who made post #12)

    The problem with Andrew is that he tells GetEqual what they’re doing wrong, but doesn’t offer up any suggestions on what we should be doing, or more specifically what HE is doing. I don’t expect him to post his CV, I know I hate when people do that with me, but with the level of venom he’s directing at this org, I have to sign on and say “so what’s YOUR solution, AndrewW?”

    Anyway, my only thought on GetEqual is wondering how this organization is going to grow. So far it’s been very isolated in terms of where it’s doing its work. I like that it’s calling itself a “grassroots” organization, but now it needs to put its money where its mouth is and reach out all over the country to interested people…

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    @DR (the real one, not the guy who made post #12): I agree that it needs to put its money where its mouth is.

    And in this sense, pressure is good. But, I think its really important to realize we are seeing an effort by the establish Gay Inc to kill the baby in the bathwater. So, whatever the potential is here to grow a new movement to replace the old- they are going to have an interest in killing it. That’s just my perspective of this debate.

  • JamieMcG

    @DR (the real one, not the guy who made post #12): Hey there, Actually, GetEQUAL has done exactly what you’ve recommended and they continue to. Before they launched, Kip and Robin visited many cities around the country and managed to put together groups of people in each location to start the dialogue on what we need to do locally as well as nationally in the struggle for our equality.

    They both continue to travel quite a bit. Naturally some of the actions you see are in California because it is where they are both based, but with plenty of GetEQUAL actions in DC and even in Texas, it’s clear that this is not a California-only group.

    As for AndrewW, he’s going to continue posting under several names and claiming he and his multiple personalities represent “a majority” of the gay community. And he will continue attacking a group that is fighting for his equality. And he will continue to avoid questions about his own action in the sake of equality. It’s just who he is. As someone put recently – this community can be like crabs in a barrel, the moment one starts to climb up, the others do all in their power to pull it back down again. Until we change that attitude of eating our own, change is not going to happen. Until we start recognizing people as leaders in our community and giving them the power and support they need, we’re going to remain at the bottom of that barrel…with AndrewW.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    @JamieMcG: Agree with this post.

  • AndrewW

    I haven’t suggested that GetEQUAL was ineffective I said they were “stupid and childish.” Barney Frank said the same.

    I have repeatedly asked GetEQUAL to please explain the rationale for their angry, abusive publicity stunts. It’s not a hard question. Just explain HOW these offensive actions change any minds or inspire people to support us.

    The consensus is GetEqual’s childish stunts are harmful, embarrassing and counterproductive. The evidence is the FACT that they have not received any community participation. The “community” is a lot smarter than this small group of radical mis-fits.

    If you are interested in the substance of the issues surrounding GetEQUAL read the Bilerico inquiry. It is very thoughtful and GetEQUAL has an opportunity to convince us that they have a useful purpose. As Dan Choi just demonstrated with his decision to quit his “hunger strike/fast” that it helps to think before acting, or acting up.

  • Jon

    GetEqual needs to GetReal. They are not responsible for the current movement on DADT. If DADT repeal fails this year, I bet GetEqual will point their hand-cuffed fingers at everybody else but themselves. Will they only take responsiblity for the positive stuff? Or will they admit that they hurt the movement with their antics?

  • wondermann

    GetEQUAL has nothing to do with DADT repeal. It’s silly to believe that. Do some of you think that their bake sale styled rallies forced Congress to act?

    Wow, now I see half of our community is living in a fantasy.

  • Fitz

    Get Equal is an imperfect antidote to the HRC style of cocktail-party activism. Do they need a strategic plan for gaining support? Totally. But their angry, disruptive behavior helps give voice and energy to a huge part of our community that feels fed up with our status as second class citizens, and groups like HRC that throw emergency appetizer-fundraisers instead of doing work.

  • edgyguy1426

    @wondermann: Maybe you’re just pissed that GetEQUAL got in the president’s face a couple of times and pissed him off. That’s something they wouldn’t have to do to a self-proclaimed ‘fierce advocate’
    And now the latest news out shows an even LARGER swing to the GOP in the coming election. So all of you who claimed the president had ‘too much on his plate’ to help us now will start claiming ‘his hands are tied’ by congressional gridlock. If the president and Gay Inc., indeed had a ‘roadmap’ as they kept telling us, yet declined to reveal to anyone what the plans were, who’s to blame any of us for getting as angry and impatient as Act Up did during the Reagan years?

  • Mark n Dallas

    @edgyguy1426: You said: “GetEQUAL got in the president’s face a couple of times and pissed him off.”

    and that helps us… how?

  • DR


    When they decide to come over to PA, let me know, hopefully they, unlike Gay, Inc, will recognize that PA is made up of more than Philly and P’burg. I gave my zip code and haven’t heard or seen a thing. I’m not begrudging anything Kip or Robin have done, I’m simply pointing out that not all of us live in a major metropolis but would like to get involved; I can’t just drop everything to run down to DC for a weekday meeting (I told Servicemembers United the same thing, and hope that it will be addressed).

    From my perspective, I find it sad that orgs always hit Philly or Pittsburgh when the state capital is Harrisburg. Just saying I hope they grow and do a better job of it than some other groups *cough* HRC *cough*

  • JamieMcG

    @DR: I completely understand. I think the problem lies in the fact that resources for smaller grassroots groups are fairly limited. So when they plan an action or try to organize, they need to utilize that 24 hours they are in an area by reaching the most people possible, and that’s usually most effective by hitting the largest cities.

    @AndrewW/Jon/Strawberry Shortcake – Between the time Gates wrote his damaging letter to Congress saying the White House does not want to move on DADT until after the Midterms (ahem…) I mean until the completion of the “study,” what exactly happened that would have changed everyone’s mind? Who spoke up? When literally NOTHING but action from GetEQUAL, SLDN and Servicemembers United happened, do you truly think that the Administration just had a change of heart on it? How naive can you be?

    Again, AndrewW, you are bringing up your imaginary “consensus,” WHO IS THIS CONSENSUS YOU SPEAK OF? Can you PLEASE just give us a list of I don’t know, maybe 10 people (not including your stuffed animal or Barbie doll collection) that agree with your opinion on the actions of GetEQUAL…and while you’re at it, how about you answer the questions which HAVE come from a consensus of posters here and on other sites requesting you tell us what YOU are doing to pursue our equality? What is it that YOU think we need to be doing to attain that which is ever closer due to the actions of GetEQUAL (while you have tea parties with your Holly Hobbie doll in your parents’ basement)?

  • Jon

    Many also seem to forget HRC and Servicemembers United held a huge Veteran’s Lobby Day a few weeks ago. A few Reps. have gone on record to say that it was their meetings with vets that persuaded them in voting yes to repeal. SLDN has also been lobbying for years. Maybe those are a few of the actions that spurred this recent DADT rush. Of course, GetEqual would love to just forget all that and take credit for themselves.

  • JamieMcG

    @Jon: /AndrewW – Why is it you want to work so hard to attack people who are fighting for your rights? So you don’t like GetEQUAL’s tactics…so do something different. How is attacking their tactics going to help win our equality? How is your posting negative crap about individuals who are clearly trying to get shit done going to change the mind of a lawmaker? WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ADVANCE CIVIL RIGHTS IN THE US?

  • JamieMcG

    @Jon: /AndrewW – Why are you working so hard to attack people who are fighting for our equality? What are you personally getting out of it? And how do your attacks advance our equality?

  • wondermann

    @edgyguy1426: What are you talking about. What is this LARGER swing?

    GetEQUAL looked like fools heckling the President. They are only know as hecklers. Hell, even the Tea Party got better press.

    GetEQUAL was not apart of the meetings or the discussions. i.e. they had nothing to do with DADT.

  • Anon

    Looking at the comments on Bilerico, Alex Blaze has been revealed as a truly vile, smug cow. Hope Bil enjoyed his moment of attention whoredom, because he and is little coven are off my Google Reader.

  • Mark n Dallas

    @JamieMcG: I have tried to remain objective about getEQUAL and the numerous questions surrounding this new organization. People have repeatedly asked how GetEQUAL’s publicity stunts actually help us as a community? That’s not a negative attack – that’s a reasonable question.

    I want to know the answer to that question. I am increasingly frightened by the antics of some activists. I do not believe most activists refuse to answer simple questions or refuse to engage in reasonable conversation about Community concerns.

    I believe you are one of the founders of GetEqual because of your inside information and your pointed attacks on those that disagree or question GetEQUAL’s business.

    Why can’t you or someone else provide us some guidance on why your efforts are in our best interest? Why is that so hard to answer?

  • jeffree

    Note to all: @Mark n Dallas: equals AndrewW. Same vocab, syntax, register, argument, BUT i gotta hand it to him/them: the spelling & punctuation are always stunningly beautiful

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    @Mark n Dallas: You’ve been answered. And those same people such as yourself repeatedly ask the question again pretending as if you weren’t answered previously. So, Mark, people like you aren’t interested in answers.

    For example, I pointed out there’s a simple positive media test to determine what impact Get Equal had on DADT, for example, by looking at the stories that arose out of the president being booed. Most of the stories were largely positive about both DADT repeal and the activists.

    Has that stopped a single one of you from posting the same “Let’s wear them down” posts? Nope. Not a one. That’s why I think many of you are paid to do this.

    Then, there’s your specific comments here. “I am increasingly frightened…” I literally stopped after that line and didn’t even read any further. Classic PR campaign marketing ploy 101.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    @jeffree: I suspected as much, but was not sure. The language was so over the top and manipulative that I assumed it was a paid hack spamming, but Andrew is the same difference.

  • Jon

    @JamieMcG: You said “How is attacking their tactics going to help win our equality?” Well how is heckling those on OUR side helping any???

    Theres a reason why GetEqual isn’t invited to any of the DADT discussions. Because GetEqual is a stain on the DADT repeal community. Yeah, I know that we are fighting for the same goal, but you can’t attack those (Obama/HRC/etc..) who are on our side and not expect people to attack back….

  • Jason_Activist

    I’m beginning to think that thise people being paid by GetEqual are flagging comments. Where’s my $95,000????

    I’m a volunteer activist. I am trying to help but now people seem to be more interested in $ than my rights.

    Is GetEqual hiring? I can be very loud and very rude. Especially for some real cash dollars.

    PeaceLuvDemanding (for hire)

  • Jon

    GetEqual reminds me of Code Pink (look them up if u don’t know). You respect their views, and want them to succeed, but you just don’t agree with their tactics. Some of the stuff they do is down right embarassing. Progress takes time. Shouting, yelling, and disrespecting public officials (especially those on your side) isn’t going to win you any new fans. You just end up looking like crazies.

  • JamieMcG

    @Mark n Dallas: Hey there, What I offer is hardly inside information. I do know Robin and Kip and I was at the meeting they put together in NYC a few months ago, but I’m not a founder of GetEQUAL. I’m not at all anonymous either – I’ve posted links to my sites everytime I post a response here. So you can check out what I do.

    In my opinion, the actions of GetEQUAL (as has been stated several times by several individuals) seem to be filling a void we’ve had for some time. We have Gay Inc. doing their thing, having their parties and raising money to lobby and we’ve had groups like ACT UP in the past whose main focus was HIV/AIDS initiatives and now we have what could quite possibly become a very strong National network for those fighting for equality on a grassroots level.

    The “publicity stunts” as you call them, which are also known as “direct actions,” raise awareness on the inequalities we’re facing and make legislators answer to constituents in-person as to what they are doing to actually move pro-equality legislation forward.

    Not every person is ever going to agree with every action, but I stand behind any person who wants to put themselves on the line in the interest of my equality. I personally believe the constant attacks on GetEQUAL and any other actions that are looking to achieve equality, ultimately hurt the entire community.

    Dan Choi began a hunger strike in the interest of equality and while my tactics may have been different, you will not find me attacking him for doing something he had the passion to do, in order to fight for equality.

    We’re in a very vicarious place in our history in my opinion and we can either make the choice to bring down the people in our own community who are choosing to take leadership roles and whose tactics we may not agree with, or we can create our own tactics and make those things happen. But as I’ve mentioned, the attacks on our own community as we struggle towards the same goal do nothing but damage ourselves and our strength as a community. The sooner people start realizing that, the quicker we will have our rights.

  • Jon


    “I personally believe the constant attacks on GetEQUAL and any other actions that are looking to achieve equality, ultimately hurt the entire community.”

    If you believe that is true, then why is GetEqual so critical of HRC and the rest of Gay Inc.????

  • JamieMcG

    @Jon: GetEqual has been around for under four months now. There has been ONE DADT discussion held at the White House in that amount of time.

    If GetEQUAL is such a “stain” on the DADT Repeal community, why did members of Servicemembers United, SLDN, and HRC all choose to speak at a rally organized by GetEQUAL in front of the White House on May 2nd?

    You’re truly grasping at straws to find a reason to attack people who are fighting for your rights.

    And GetEQUAL also has not “attacked” Obama OR HRC, they’re asking for accountability on promises made to our community. Where is the fault in that? When you write your check to HRC, do you ever have the sac to ask where that money is going? How many decades have you been writing those checks only to receive marginal equality at best? GetEQUAL is promoting a new-found urgency in our community towards our equality. Obama took millions from the gay community and made promises he has failed to make good on. A little transparency, which is one thing GetEQUAL is demanding, would be a really good thing from our self-proclaimed “fierce advocate.”

  • Jon


    There has been more than one discussion with the WH about DADT in four months.
    There has been a handful of emergency meetings, meetings with the Pentagon, (including the Pentagon Working Group), and where was GetEqual for Veterans Lobby Day? Is it not exciting enough for them? Do they ONLY want to help the movement if it involves breaking the law and/or making a spectacle?

    And those groups spoke at the rally bc we are all united for a common goal. I said that before. We all want to repeal DADT, thats no secret. But was anyone else besides those associated with GetEqual arrested? Nope.

  • jeffree

    Until the well-dressed, first-class flying, soft spoken, lobbyists of Big Gay Inc. start producing results on DOMA, ENDA, & DADT etc those of us LGBs who live in fly over country and who JUST want to :++keep our jobs despite homophobic bosses or
    ++have the option to serve in the military
    ++someday marry a same sex partner or ++even adopt a child…

    we will pay attention to other organizations who offer some hope, any promise that our dreams MAY come true.

    Call me naive, I don’t care, but history has been pretty clear that “playing nice” is only one ingredient in getting results.

    Direct action, symbolic action, getting other like minded people or groups on the side of JUSTICE and EQUALITY seem to have been important too,

    With the Dem. majority in Congress at stake in the midterms, there **IS** some sense of “NOW OR NEVER” or at least “MUCH LATER”

    If GetEqual can’t get stuff done, then i hope other org.s can. i’m not going to count them out because they are still using the training wheels on their bike!

    They may be winning races next, they may hit a few parked cars orjust make it a few blocks. Who else do i have to root for ??

    Any progress is better than none.

  • Brutus

    You people are out of your damned minds. Some people have legitimate questions, and your responses are: (1) you’re getting paid to troll the boards; (2) you’re really all the same person posting under different names; (3) it was answered in a previous thread somewhere; (4) other people have asked the question before, therefore you must not really want an answer; (5) your language is over the top and manipulative.

    It’s hard to respect your opinion and have a reasonable conversation when you’re seeing conspiracies everywhere and think, like a four year old, that if you’ve seen something, everyone else has seen it too.

  • Bill Perdue

    No organization of high-salaried, self-appointed leaders will ever successfully lead the LGBT communities fight for equality.

    If leaders aren’t elected and if there’s no way to toss them out on their ass when they become front groups for Obama and the Democrats, they can never correct their mistakes. HRC and groups like EQCA make the same mistakes over and over again, all based on the fact that they put the electoral needs of Democrats ahead of the needs of a fighting movement.

    What’s needed is a national left wing GLBT group with internal democracy, a commitment to mass actions and a militant agenda that’s totally and openly independent of the Republicans and Democrats, our chief political enemies.

    Equality Across America’s National Equality March and GetEQUALs anti-Obama agenda are a breath of fresh air after a decade of betrayal by Stonewallers, GOProud, HRC, ECQA, Log Cabin and the whole gang of Obots and queerslings. They may not have all the answers or a final blueprint for equality but they have the guts to stand up to our enemies, in and out of the White House.


    AndrewW is a snarling, ankle biting attack chihuahua for Obama. This is how he described GetEQUAL in his comments at Bilerico:

    “Imitating Westboro Baptist is not an acceptable strategy.”

    “Yeah, by imitating Westboro Baptist.”

    (Bilerico – Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010.)

    Equating GetEQUAL with the Westboro Baptist thugs to any degree or in any way is a vicious anti-LGBT slander.

  • Mark n Dallas

    Westboro Baptist does angry, rude and ineffective stunts. I understand the comparison to GetEQUAL.

    Westboro has better signs, but GetEQUAL has a cool logo and some hip t-shirts. But, they’re very similar.

    Angry is as angry does. Crazy, too.

  • Bill Perdue

    @Mark n Dallas: Another piglet alias heard from.

  • Brutus

    @Bill Perdue: Yeah, because what matters is guts, not results. Good luck recruiting effective leaders without compensation. (Note what that does NOT mean: that those receiving said compensation are necessarily effective leaders.)

    “Equating GetEQUAL with the Westboro Baptist thugs to any degree or in any way is a vicious anti-LGBT slander.” No, it isn’t. It’s a criticism of tactics. As I read it, it has nothing to do with supporting or condemning LGBT per se.

  • SugNight

    …and if you are not doing anything for “the cause” of our equality, then shut the hell up…you have no right to judge them at all.

  • Justan

    I absolutely 100% support GetEQUAL. They are the reason Congress and the President are finally acting on DADT. The grassroots are key. The HRC seems to like to take credit for ‘accomplishing something’ anytime a grassroots effort brings results.
    GetEQUAL is at least DOING SOMETHING. And all of us should be DOING SOMETHING.
    Save the cocktails for the weekend get-togethers.

  • Mark n Dallas

    @Justan: Explain how GetEqual had anything to do with progress on DADT. Even our community has been laughing at them.

    Also, what progress? DADT has been deferred until later this year.

  • edgyguy1426

    @Mark n Dallas: It gets press coverage, it gets photo ops, maybe the president will move on it just to make it all go away or the embarassing ‘heckling’ stop.
    Whom here hasn’t seen the photos of Choi chained to the WH fence? That’s a photo op seen on many other sites and in many other countries. It is these images that show the world how we are seen in terms of the way we treat our gay citizens. And our government doesn’t want it. It would rather do something than have more and more of these images put forth. Now I’m not beholden to GetEQUAL or the HRC, in fact until last year I gave the HRC $10 a month. So I say let someone else try something, anything to get our issues into the public eye. I don’t really care if the president gets pissed off or not, I’d vote for him again unless given a better alternative, but he’s not my friend..we don’t call each other, or have each other over to dinner, but don’t go crying if the congress has a major shift to the right, that POTUS can’t do anything for us now because his hands are tied, when he could have done something earlier when he had a fat majority and political capital to use.

  • edgyguy1426

    and it gets young people like those pictured above involved in a movement where they feel useful, not detached from things.

  • AndrewW

    The Ten Unanswered Questions for GetEQUAL:

    1. Who started GetEQUAL?

    2. Who decided how much to pay everyone? And, why?

    3. With only two major funding sources, who sets GetEqual’s goals and priorities?

    4. Who’s accountable for GetEqual’s actions? Who is in charge?

    5. Will the GetEQUAL soon-to-be-formed Board be packed with cronies and allies or will it consist of a respectable and diverse mix of seasoned and new activists?

    6. What is GetEQUAL’s strategy and what are the results you must achieve to be successful?

    7. How do the “crazy shenanigans” (Cronk’s words) benefit the LGBT Community?

    8. How do efforts to embarrass our political friends (Democrats) help the LGBT Community?

    9. How does “demanding” lead to changed minds or additional support for the LGBT Community? What “threat” is attached to these so-called “demands?”

    10. When will GetEQUAL organize formally and comply with legal and disclosure requirements for Non-profit organizations?

    Any honest, sincere organization would gladly answer these important questions before engaging in “crazy shenanigans.” But, even late is better than never.

    Kip Williams and Robin McGehee have a responsibility to the LGBT Community to answer ALL of these questions completely.

  • StopTheH8

    Of course GetEqual should answer all of those questions. Why are they being asked now after they’ve gone off half-cocked and enaged in confrontational actions supposedly on our behalf? At first i thought they were funny, but now I think they are kind of dangerous.

    There are smart ways to protest, but GetEqual just seems like spoliled brats looking for some celebrity status.

    Robin did some good work fighting Prop 8. Now, I think she is believeing her own press. She better answer these questions if they ever hope to get people to join them. So far, they’ve been ignored.

    Kip makes $72,000 for heckling the President? Most of us would do that for beers.

  • Retired Activist in CA

    @StopTheH8: They should answer those questions, but I think they have a different idea of what’s “legal.” They are proud to be “law breakers” because they thing it is sexy. They want to be arrested, dismissed and hated.

    I don’t think anyone will support them. It’s my sense Lewis just got them to do something that thinking people wouldn’t do. It’s seems like he’s angry and just wants to tell Democrats his money can be used to help them or hurt them. the problem is, none of that is about GLBT Equality.

    In a few months we won’t be talking about these deviants anymore.

  • Bill Perdue

    @StopTheH8: @StopTheH8:
    Ten questions for AndrewW

    1- Why are you still here?

    2 – Why are you worried about GetEQUAL? It’s because they go out of the way to confront Bigot in Chief and do good work for the movement?

    3 – Who sets your priorities? Other than opportunistically jumping on anything that gives you a chance to grab attention.

    4 – Who are you accountable to? Certainly no one who supports GLBT rights or with a shred of dignity.

    5 – Are you pissed that no one on any LBGT group ever considers you for their Board inspite of your bellowing. That must sting. Ouchie.

    6 – What’s your strategy. More to the point, what have you ever done but whine and complain? And please no bullshit about your huge, undocumented monetary investments in a Five Year Plan to figure things out and get back to us.

    7 – Direct action is a good way to build bass actions. They work. Whining doesn’t.

    8 – Only a sellout thinks we have friends in the Democrat Party. Why are you a sellout?

    9 – Demanding change is preferable to your plan for begging for it. Politicians love beggars; they pat ’em on the back and dismiss them. Just like we dismiss you.

    10 – Who do you work for? Is her name Leah Daughtry?

    What we really need to do is figure out a way to stop the AndrewW (and all his aliases) from their mindless shilling for Obama.
    GetEQUAL has been around for three months and done some good things. They’re a breath of fresh air. I’ll put of judging them for awhile.
    The Democrat party can be judged and only a sellout like AndrewW would call them ‘friend’. The Democrats have been stabbing us in the back since Clinton’s DADT and DOMA, and Obama, who sabotaged same sex marriage in California is firmly embedded in their history of bigotry and contempt for the LGBT communities.

  • jeffree

    @Bill Perdue: Please considering posting that at Bilerico & the other sites where AndrewW looms large.

    I may not agree with you on everything, and will pre-empt any counter-attack that I blindly follow your path –or that youi follow mine– but your questions are rock solid & reasonable.

    He & his alter-egos are busily manipulating the rating system on Queerty. Compare the voting talleys before and after he posts.

    It ‘s a shame he doesn’t use his intelligence to be a force for greater equality.

  • Young Activist

    I don’t understand why GetEqual won’t answer those questions. I’m not interested in them until they do.

    I used to be part of JoinTheImpact and Equality Across America – they have failed. GetEqual is next if they don’t explain anything. I think they’re just in it for the money. It’s the new kind of activism: pay me to care. I would be very active if i thought i was dealing with a real group that wanted to change the world, not just their income.

    I’ve been tricked too many times. Answer the questions or go away.

  • GetE Across America

    @Bill Perdue: Those aren’t questions. Will you ask getequal to answer some questions? Or, do you think it isn’t important?

    Your comments confuse me. I don’t hate democrats, I think they’re the only ones trying to help us. I’m not going to be rude to the President if i think he might be telling us the truth. Do you really think he’s lying? Is he a con man or something? I couldn’t vote for Mccain.

    You just seem mad at everyone. I’m only mad at Republicans and religious people.


    JON/ANDREWW: You are both /same sadly mistaken on GetEQUALS’ role in getting DADT sent on it’s way. Alimost a year ago, the nucleus of GE (including Robin, Kip and Dan Choi) met with the Senate Majority Leader in his office and had a huge affect on opening the discussion on DADT and other LGBT issues. Issues that we now are seeing take place.

    Is DADT repeal happening because of GE? No. But, don’t be fooled by Gay Inc telling you it’s all about them. They also don’t tell you about the behind the scenes help of straight service members and Lord only knows who else.

  • Jonathan Andrews

    @DEREK WASHINGTON: “DADT Repeal is happening.” Maybe. But I don’t think the stupid temper tantrums of GE helped. I think they actually hurt us.

    I wish GetEqual was part of the mix, but I haven’t seen anything from them that wasn’t angry and abusive. I’m angry, too. But, slapping people like Chairman Miller and Speaker Pelosi seems dumb to me. I don’t trust getEqual to think before they act like fools. I don’t trust them with donations either. They look a little shady.

    I think they should answer the questions or just go away.

  • Radical Leftovers

    Get Equal is finished. It’s one thing to act like vigilantes and disrespect everyone – but to refuse to share any information means this “side show” is over.

    Let’s stop talking about them. All they want is attention.

  • Paulie

    Well – thank goodness GetEqual is finished. It was bad enough they were so fffing rude, but they’re being paid ridiculous salaries and they are arrogant. They must be hiding something and I don’t even want to see it.

    $89,000 a year “hecklers?” What a mess.

  • Jonathan Andrews

    Kip and Robin have some exciting actions planned. They will make Dan Choi’s “7-day Hunger Strike” look like child’s play. Choi screwed them over and they are going to get even.

  • Jon


    When has Gay Inc. ever said it’s all about them? The only group of people I see on here claiming the recent DADT movement for themselves have all been GE supporters.
    I see Servicemembers United, SLDN, and even HRC all saying it’s been a collective effort brought upon by years of work by countless people. GetEqual seems to think Dan’s stunts and their sit ins are solely responsible for this. It’s not.

  • jeffree

    If GetEqual can pull it together to help promote GLB rights, great. Like any organization, they should live or perish based on their effectiveness. To hold them to a higher or lower standard than other org’s is useless. They are just starting out and until they’re fully up & running it’s counter-productive to hold out great, unerealizable hopes OR to wish them failure.

    We need all the help we can get. Those of us thought Big Gay Inc. was getting us closer to GLB equality have gotten pretty cynical and pished off.


    Coming into this conversation late. Quite a few of the questions people would like to pose to GetEQUAL have been addressed in the past few days. It will require some reading on your part but, if you are truly interested, please see:

    ‘GetEqual: A Response & Clarification’ –
    ‘Part 2: GetEqual responds again’ –

    ADVOCATE.COM STORY: ‘The Rise of GetEqual’ –

    KAREN OCAMB’S ARTICLE AT LGBT POV (Cross-posted to THE BILERICO PROJECT): ‘Robin McGehee, Kip Williams and Me on GetEqual’ –

    And finally, GetEQUAL is soliciting everyone’s input regarding the following topics (and anything else) at their FACEBOOK page:

    What do you think GetEQUAL’s public accountability should look like?
    What issues are you most passionate about addressing?
    What are your ideas for strategies and actions we should consider?
    What else would you like the staff to know/consider as we head into planning mode?

    David John Fleck

  • Fitz

    I had an open mind about GetEqual and Kip and Robin, but afer what I’ve read the past few day they need to STFU.

    They didn’t plan. They don’t have any goals. They didn’t get a Board to provide feedback. They didn’t think before engaging in radical stunts. BUT – they did make sure they got paid.

    Nothing grassroots here. Nothing smart here. I’m glad they’re folding. When you refuse to answer simple questions you lose. I wish they never showed up.

  • AndrewW

    GetEQUAL never answered any questions? No surprise. Maybe they’ll be prepared to answer after their Summer Camp “Retreat.” Kip said they’re taking some time off to determine their “goals.” Six months after they launched their attacks or “crazy shenanigans.” After the embarrassment and ridicule they now want to see what their “goals” are. Wonderful.

    I don’t think they can save themselves now. But, they should enjoy the camping trip. Jonathan and Paul already got what they paid for – embarrassment. Next.

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