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How Much Trash Will Miami’s Ex-Anchor Charlie Perez Talk About His Old Bosses?


Charlie Perez, the former WPLG news anchor in Miami who last year was demoted and then pushed out, he believes, for being “too gay,” is back on the scene with a new book. It’s called Confessions of a Gay Anchorman. Ooh, sounds naughty!

I’m assuming there must be at least a handful of juicy details, given that his ex was a crazy person and Charlie almost uprooted his life to take off for Connecticut (but canceling those plans after a death in the family). But Perez — who is now Charlie Rinehard, after legally taking the surname of his husband, whom he adopted a daughter with in Kansas — insists he’s “satisfactorily resolved all my differences with” his former employer, which sounds like there was a settlement reached and a non-disclosure agreement signed. Boo!

So what’s this book all about? Says Perez:

The book was an amazingly cathartic experience for me. From the day I went on the air in 1994 through my last day on the anchor desk at Channel 10 in Miami, I was always trying to balance the “gay” me with the professional me. I don’t think straight people on camera have to do that. This is that story, and a call to end what I call the double standard that goes along with being gay on TV. Meaning, you can be gay if you’re the side-kick, the clown, the stereotype, the design guru. But, if you’re the main guy – the serious guy – the non-stereotypical guy – the anchorman… it’s a different story. The book is filled with cameos from Anderson Cooper to Sam Champion to Ricki Lake. Hopefully it’s not only a good read, but will open up a conversation that’ll push us a bit more into the future. I hope so.

Back up there. Anderson and Sam? The two most homosexual closet inspectors on television? Don’t make me actually read this thing, Charlie! (

[Confessions of a Gay Anchorman comes out Feb. 1.]

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