How Neil Patrick Harris Won the Revolutionary War II Against Britain

It’s like, what honor hasn’t Neil Patrick Harris won? “Gay Man of the Decade” isn’t one of them! As he tells Jimmy Kimmel — Neil, apparently isn’t so gay that he has to be banned from the showhis battle with John Barrowman wasn’t just a feud between two actors, it was a war between America and Britain, our former conquerors!

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  • romeo

    Actually, Barrowman is an American, too. He just found less discrimination in the UK when he started his OUT career. Neil is terrific, but he’s no Barrowman.

  • Qjersey

    NPH is a great guy, but Barrowman is not only out but is most famous for playing a basically a omnisexual (gay/bi/whatever) action hero.

    The Torchwood episode “The two capt jacks” is just brilliant. Search youtube for the many fan vids of the two kissing.

  • Henry Holland

    “Actually, Barrowman is an American, too”

    Yes, he became a citizen, but he was born in Glasgow to Scottish parents, his dads company transferred them to Illinois when he was 8. He has dual citizenship.

    The only * about NPH is that he only came out because he was about to be outed by a tabloid, John Barrowman has been out pretty much from the beginning of his career.

  • romeo

    @ Henry: Thanks for the info. I read that he was an American and I just assumed he was born here. I’m a huge fan of Barrowman and I’m looking forward to his future projects.

  • Hal Shipman

    No, Barrowman isn’t really American. He was born in Scotland and moved here only when he was 9. He eventually became naturalized and holds dual citizenship with the UK and USA.

    Though, I guess you can say he’s “kind of” American.

  • FakeName

    So naturalized American citizens are somehow less American than those born on American soil? What an idiotic thing to think.

  • trickstertara

    NPH won because everyone was tired of listening to the Torchwood groupies whine about “Children of Earth”.

  • alan brickman

    John Barrowman didn’t have to be outed to be a hero for gays….right NPH?…

  • Tom

    With Barrowman born in Scotland, there’s the possibility that he is an intact American.

  • TheProfessor

    This is sooo silly…

  • Stephen

    John Barrowman is so full of himself – he can even **** people off across an ocean!

  • tjgoldstein

    NPH all the way. John BArrowman is just so far up himself, he makes me feel sick just thinking of him. As my brother has said to me on more than one occassion.. ‘John Barrowman would probably be the only man to turn me *Straight*’


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