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How Not To Bribe Your Way Out Of An Arrest After Exposing Yourself At a Glory Hole

Richard Laiko, an 80-year-old man, was arrested this week for inserting his penis into a glory hole at a National Park Service restroom near Pensacola, Florida. It just so happened a park ranger was on the other side of the hole, and when the ranger arrested him, Laiko allegedly offered him free landscaping services if he would let him go. So let’s add a bribery charge to Mr. Laiko’s list of problems.

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  • scribe

    Hope when I’m 80, I can still get it up and stick it in a hole or two…. :)

  • Tom

    Glory holes are nasty. Throw the book at the pathetic senior.
    And close up the hole.

  • ewe

    oh that is so sad. the poor guy. Hey how about the police really perform a public service and fucking plaster or board up the damn glory hole instead of waiting like a fucking peeping tom for some guy to do what is natural when a cop is pretending he wants to suck dick? And there is where your stimulus money is being spent folks.

  • draek

    Give it a rest Ewe.. u r such a moron. Anytime a perv gets caught doing something illegal you stand up for them.

    You are so backwards…

  • ewe

    @draek: oh please bitch. you just like bending over to abusive authority. Go worship their boots somewhere not near me.

  • ewe

    @draek: so telling honey that you have convicted the defendant before he has even been arraigned. Oh yes indeed that says absolutely everything to me about you. No go back underneath your rock.

  • den

    @Draeck – I’d have to say it’s you that are backwards. The cities could board up those gloryholes any time. It’s sad to send some cop out to entice old men to do stupid things. There are much worse things going on in the streets of Pensacola.

  • Tallskin

    So, let me understand this. The fucking park ranger was waiting for men to stick their cocks through the hole???

    that is outrageous. If that is true then it is entrapment by the authorities.

  • Fitz

    This (in part) is why I am ok with sex clubs. If you get into glory holes, there should be a place to go play… but a public restroom in a park? So wrong on so many levels. And yes, entrapment is wrong, and yes.. spending (probably) 1/10th of that officer’s salary on a handyman to fix the hole would be better. But really… we don’t want guys sticking their cocks through holes in public restrooms in parks. Hey, instead of making the old guy register as a “sex offender”, give him community service of fixing the holes! If he is young enough to get it up, then he is young enough to patch a hole!

  • pete

    I certainly know what a glory hole is, but have never done anything like that. I can only imagine the germs or worse you can catch from using one. How can you possibly stick your cock through there not knowing what’s on the other side? Somebody could cut it off!


    Geeze, to all you BOQs: Can ya give Grandpa gloryhole a break? Back in his day, I doubt there was any other way for a dude to hook. The internets, much less 800 numbers simply didn’t exist. I wouldn’t doubt if he lives alone, having lived a sad closeted life for 80 years. He needs directions to a senior Gay group, instead of an arrest record……….

  • DR


    This isn’t entrapment.

    When dealing with entrapment as a legal defense, the ultimate question which needs to be answered is , “would the perp have engaged in the specific activity if not pressed by the undercover officer?”

    An undercover officer acting as a prostitute or gay man in a sex sting isn’t entrapment if the men in question are predisposed to utilizing the services of a prostitute or engage in public sex. While some of you may see a park ranger sitting in a public stall all day as a waste of money, someone taking advantage of a glory hole and getting arrested for it isn’t entrapment. Same with the public sex stings and prostitution stings… Unless the cop forced the defendant into doing something he or she wouldn’t do, merely offering the opportunity to engage in a specific type of behavior isn’t legally sufficient to claim “entrapment”.

    And also, ewww. Glory holes and public sex? It’s 2011 (in less than 12 hours), why are guys still cruising parks for anonymous sex?!?

  • Fitz

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: But we are not in “his day”. We are in a day when hooking up is do-able in a way that is all-around safer. If liking sex-positive spaces instead of public ones makes me a BOQ, fine. I think a night at Steamworks is a lot more fun than a night in jail.

  • randy

    @Fitz: I love sex clubs! Love glory holes. Love slings. Love it ALL!

  • Derek

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: I am impressed with your thoughtful, compassionate comment.

    What you say is, sadly, true.

    I wonder if there is a SAGE group in the Pensacola vicinity.

  • CJ Maciejeski

    @randy: Yes, Randy. We’re aware.

  • ewe

    @Tallskin: BINGO!!!

  • ewe

    @DR: It is entrapment. If the law sits behind a glory hole in wait instead of the park repairing the invasion of privacy then that is what i call entrapment. More importantly no one knows what happened cause it is too early to tell. The benefit of doubt goes to the defendant NOT THE FUCKING STATE.

  • DR


    No, ewe, it isn’t entrapment since the man in question was predisposed to using a glory hole. Just because YOU don’t like the legal definition of “entrapment” doesn’t mean you get to redefine the term to suit yourself.

    If you want to rage about the right for gays to have public sex, go for it it only makes you look like a chump as far as I’m concerned. But don’t use terms you clearly don’t understand to make your point, which makes you look like even more of a chump.

    PS… it’s not an invasion of privacy either. The glory hole was in a public bathroom. Please, just stop butchering the law, you’re clearly quite ignorant of it.

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