How Not To Write A Gay Story

the_archive_666_greenwichCW News Channel WPIX offers up today’s case study in how not to cover LGBT issues in a piece titled “Tranny Teens Terrorizing Downtown Girls”. While the author Steve Bogart gets big points for his ability to alliterate, by every other measure, he comes off like a racist, homophobic bigot. Here’s how.

Bogart writes:

“Police say a roving pack of transvestite teens has been targeting females living in a tony West Village building. According to authorities, the trannys would steal the women’s purses and use their stolen credit cards to buy wigs and new clothes.”

There’s not a single thing right with this paragraph. Transvestites are not transsexuals and nobody should be calling them ‘trannies’ and even then, if you’re going to use a derogatory term, you might as well spell it right.

Bogart finally gets around to the details, saying:

“Jubril “Dominic” Faggins, 19, and Jhirad “Shanese” Powell, 18 have both been charged with attacking two women at The Archive on Greenwich Street… Powell told cops, “It was Destiny (another transvestite) that told me to rob the white bitch.”

So the “roving pack of transvestite teens” are three kids? Here I was hoping for some sort of neo-Warriors economic collapse gang action. Oh, speaking of loaded words, the accompanying video is titled “Thugged-Out Transvestites Targeting Women.”

I know that expecting a lot out of someone who reports for The CW is pretty foolish, but you get a sense this reporter’s sole experience with the gay community was that he watched Al Pacino in Crusing one time in college–er, trade school.