How Paquita la del Barrio Is Apologizing For Saying Foster Children Should Die Before Going to Gay Families

Paquita la del Barrio, the Mexican ballad singer, reacted this way to Mexico City’s gay marriage and adoption rights passage this way: it would be better to let a parent-less child die than put her in the home of homosexuals. Now she’s sorry, and she’s throwing you gays a party to prove it.

On Tuesday night, at the gay club Spartacus outside Mexico City, whose owner the singer is friends with, Paquita From The Hood will show her support of Mexico’s gay community with a one-night-only affair. Blaming her remarks on her “poor education,” Paquita, who now insists most of her friends are gay, also understands that in the market for songs about distraught and embittered women, gay men are represent pretty big share.