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How Can Get Back at Courage Campaign’s Logo Lift: Gay-Up CC’s Logo

This website knows a little something about cease and desist letters. We just received one from Ovie Mughelli’s attorney, who’s upset we dared inquire as to the NFL player’s sexuality. Also getting one this week? The Courage Campaign, which had a little fun with’s “Yes On 8” logo, changing it from a straight family with two kids to a lesbian family with two kids, and stamping it on top of their Perry trial website. It’s how Rick Jacobs shows his sense of humor. But it also got all sorts of upset that the radical homosexual activists would try to ruin American families by infringing on their trademark! Which has us all: Why don’t you infringe on ours?

We’ll spare you whether this is a “fair use” of a trademark (it is) than actual trademark infringement (it isn’t), and instead zero in on why the Courage Campaign even chose to use the “Yes On 8” logo on their website:

They are upset that we are parodying them and are making themselves out to be victims again. It’s just ridiculous. It’s very clear that the our logo is a parody, and they are just freaking out about an image depicting a family of two mothers with two kids. The logo was originally used as the pro-Prop 8 logo, you know the proposition this trial is about… that little thing.

You see, the Courage Campaign is taking something that’s been used to abuse the LGBT community, and putting their own twist on it to empower the queers. Which is the same explanation used by homos who throw around the word “fag.” Brilliant!

To which we say: Why not encourage to do the same to us? We’ll ever offer up Queerty‘s logo, which’s Frank Schubert is welcome to doll up however he wants, and we won’t complain!

Or just take the Courage Campaign’s own logo of a grizzly bear (California’s state animal) —

— and really fag things up. Like so:

UPDATE JAN. 20: has formally sued the Courage Campaign over the satirical use of its trademark.

UPDATE JAN. 20: U.S. District Judge Lawrence K. Karlton has denied’s temporary restraining order pending a ruling.

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