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How Real Is Showtime’s The Real L Word?

It’s no secret much of reality TV is scripted — and if it’s not scripted, it’s, ahem, “edited.” So how does Showtime’s The Real L Word measure up against The Hills or Real Housewives?

Well it’s not as storyboarded as The Hills, which wasn’t even really a reality show. And where Real Housewives has obvious storylines in place, for now The Real L Word seems a big more organic. That doesn’t mean producers aren’t using reality TV’s regular toolkit of gimmicks to go from reality to reality TV.

Autostraddle has an enthralling conversation with Carly, a producer in the genre. And if you’re watch L Word, you’ll enjoy the scene-by-scene analysis of what’s real vs. what’s been pieced together in post-production. Says Carly as a general rule: “Audio only gets choppy like that when you start cutting it up. If you only hear it, and the person isn’t on screen saying it, chances are it’s ’cause edits are in there. A rule of editing: there’s usually a reason for the cut, especially in docu-shooting.”

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  • Ne Reynders

    Rose’s character is the BIGGEST BITCH on the show and to her gf! Her GF needs to get the hell away from her ASAP! I know the show is not real, but really, could you have made “Rose” any more atrocious??? She thinks she’s God’s gift to women which wow, you’re NOT! It’s just all about ‘ME, ME, ME, ME”! TAKE HER OFF THE SHOW…SHE’S SPOILING IT!

  • jason

    I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the “lesbians” have boyfriends or husbands in their actual lives. What a joke! The whole show ought to be canned – it’s atrocious, and an insult to the GLBT community.

  • Ava

    This show would be watchable if they took off the two egomaniacs Mikey and Rose. Mikey is a nobody who is rude and obnoxious to people.She also sounds like a uneducated twit with her overuse of the F word. Rose thinks she is the shit when in reality she is just a bitch. I hope those two are just characters because if not I feel bad for people they hang around with.

  • tazz602

    I don’t know one Lesbian, here or in LA that likes this show. It is nothing like real life in LA, nothing like anything anywhere. I mean, c’mon – the scripted show was more real than this CRAP. We need quality from Logo – not this garbage!!

  • tazz602

    I meant quality from Showtime – oops – my bad – need quality comments too!! – :)

  • [email protected]

    Sorry if I state the obvious, but power lesbians are like power a-gays and power straights… gross people. This show captures that pretty well. Which makes it unwatchable.

  • Jules

    Carlytron is a rockstar! And another great article from Autostraddle. Best LGBTQ Website in my opinion.

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