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How Rick Warren Managed to Raise $2.4 Million+ Before the New Year

Begging for year-end cash does work! After e-blasting Saddleback Church’s members with a tale of a $900,000 budget shortfall, embroiled anti-gay pastor Rick Warren finds himself in the clear. Seven figures in the clear.

With $2.4 million in donations — and counting — rolling in before the New Year, it appears Warren’s cash flow problems are resolved. He announced the windfall at a Saturday sermon, and even then he was only including the cash donations that walked in through the door, and not those that were delivered by email or the web.

And he didn’t even have to hold any fancy Hollywood dinner party fundraisers.

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  • terrwill

    Thanks Queert……I just lost my breakfast…….

  • AlwaysGay

    Sick. I wish him the worst.

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    Slightly adjusted:

    “Fools and their money are soon parted.”

    “Suckers are born every minute.”

    “Every crowd has a silver lining.”

  • cabear

    TAX IT

  • 1EqualityUSA

    “If you’re playing a poker game and you look around the table and and can’t tell who the sucker is, it’s you.”—Paul Newman

  • terrwill

    These people have a twisted demented idea of what religion
    is supposed to be……………! Check out
    this story about parents, who along with home schooling
    are now home tatooing to show how religious they are
    (but its ok according to Mom,they changed the GUITAR STRING after each one….)

  • romeo

    Repeat — TAX IT !!!

    Look how florid his complexion is in that picture. Some mighty high blood pressure perhaps? LOL

  • Lukas P.

    O the LORD works in mighty strange ways! And the people doing His bidding work are even stranger, craftier, and more furtive. They scatter like mice when exposed to camera lights and audio recorders.

    I hope some disillusioned insider teams up with an investigative journalist to find out where the money goes. Are there real charities with actual people being helped or are the funds being used to “spread the word” and pay for Pastor Warren’s food addiction?

    Second: it’d be great to see where the people who donate the money THINK it’s going.

    Compare the two, and you — yes you — win a Pulitzer price for journalism!

  • romeo

    Bet you the majority of that money came from just a few of the usual right-wing moneybags, just so he’d save face. Right-wingers are getting a lot more sensitive these days.

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