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How Rufus Wainwright Knows 50 Cent Is Gay

And I love, love 50 Cent. I think he’s just the sexiest, and a brilliant writer. And I know he’s gay [… because of] that cute little voice of his. It’s okay, 50 Cent. Feel free to call me anytime. My boyfriend and I are experts. You can come over for dinner. And maybe dessert.

—Singer Rufus Wainwright, in Details, contributing to the new trend of celebs pretending to be experts about each other

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  • hephaestion

    50 Cent is so ugly, I can’t imagine anyone being attracted to him.

  • jukkk

    those are the kinds of silly comments that fuel hatred towards gays… just stupid… and who is this guy anyway?

  • hephaestion

    @jukkk: No, THIS kind of silly comment fuels hatred of gays:

    “I ain’t into faggots” – 50 Cent

  • jason

    Good on Rufus. 50 Cent has definitely got gay face.

    I think dear 50 Cent is at least bisexual.

  • james_cambridge

    “No. 4 Jason: Good on Rufus. 50 Cent has definitely got gay face.”

    well, he was in jail for several years so….he was probably bisexual by the time he got out. His career is dying a quick death…he should come out and shake things up :) Nobody’s buying his albums anymore so he’s got nothing to lose really…

  • A Dude

    Without context, I can’t be sure, but it sounds like a joke to me. Even if it weren’t, so what? If you can’t call someone gay without stirring up hatred, then something’s wrong. It’s not polite, but since when are stars expected to be polite?

  • alan brickman

    how sad…another gay claiming someone is gay because they are attracted to them…no wonder equal rights are taking so long….

  • alan brickman

    didn’t he claim gay marriage was the equal of marrying a dog…nuff said…

  • James

    @alan brickman: Let me make sure I understand your hot mess. You are suggesting that equal rights are hampered because of comments like Wainwright? Really?

  • Lamar

    I don’t know what gave him the impression that 50 cent is gay. By the way I think posters such as Alan Brickman mean that when gays appear to be trying to out people who are obviously heterosexual they DO seem to have an agenda (at least in the eyes of those who claim we are trying to “convert” people).

  • ajax

    I would say that Mr. Wainwright is a very clever man. 50 is a jerk and Mr. Wainwright is intentionally provoking him. In light of the recent NJ court decision that calling someone gay is in no way defamatory, I think he’s having fun and making a political statement. Makes me want to give him a big wet kiss. (Okay, I’d have to make him wash his hair before I kiss him.)

  • ossurworld

    I wouldn’t give two bits for 50cents.

  • A Aki

    50cent IS GAY. Mike Tyson (famous boxer) is GAY. Rush Limbau (radio host) and John Travolta and Tom Cruise are all gay. Eminem (white rapper) is gay. 98% of rappers/hiphop singers are gay. Be happy gangsta rapper 50cent is gay, he has a giant dick/penis. He is not good in bed in general but gay guys who got topped by him said they really really liked it. He also takes it both ways (gay ways). 50cent has seriously considered selling a true to life dildo/penis sex toy, as well as other sex toys. It going to be an exact replica of his GIGANTIC dick. He has said he may star in hetero porn (wink, wink) in the near future. Girls wish he played for the str8 team. He has been having gay sex since he was 12yrs old or 15 years old. He was gay before he went to prison/jail. 50cent has NO attraction to any women, maybey a 1% attraction to women on the Kinsey scale. 50cent makes hate comments towards gays because he is gay (in the closet, DL down low). All black people around the world know 50cent is gay. 10 other big time rappers have said on camera that 50cent is GAY. You can find him being outed by other rappers at hiphop wbstes, online, and on YouTube. I knew 50cent was gay the firts time I saw him. On Amazon books you can buy many books that talk about the hip hop industry being gay (lots of gay employees). I am a black woman. I was born in Nigeria my mom is black american. I am 27. I listen to all genras of music. I support gay rights. Go lady GaGa & Kanye West! Sorry for misspelling and grammer mistakes.

  • A Aki

    @A Aki:
    I love Rufus he is sexy and French Canadian. He sings a great Judy Garland. Rufus has a great voice. Rufus is right 50cent is GAY. Kanye West (rap singer, hip hop) is gay. He needs to come out. He has talked about being some what efeminate/ androgenous. Kanye is a fashion fanatic who gets invited to all the shows in Paris, Berlin, Rio, and NYC, even Balenciaga. Kanye wears sexy beautiful real fur coats almost everyday, as well as amazing haute couture/ high (Paris, FRaNce) fashion. Kanye did a fashion internship at The Gap corp (ownes Banana Republic & Old Navy) for a year, 2yrs ago. He is starting a fashion industry career. Kanye is a huge fan of The Queen Lady GaGa.

  • thousandfold

    @A Aki: You’re a trip. Thanks for brightening my day.

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