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How Scared Must I Be After 10 Seconds of Unprotected Glory Hole ‘Fun’ in a Sex Club?


Matt Siegel previously wrote about visiting a SoCal sex club for an editorial assignment. In Part 2 today, he shares what happened when he decided to stick around … and enjoy the menu. (It is graphic and includes visual descriptions of sex. Potentially NSFW.)

Why do my gay brothers insist on referring to sex as “play?” I play with children and puppies. Giving a blow job is not some whimsical, innocent action. It is work, that’s why the word “job” is in it. Blow, Hand, Rim—they’re all jobs and I am employed full time in Accounts Receivable.

As part of my dedication to journalistic integrity and ethnography, I choose to take Glen up on his offer to “stay and play” at the sex club. I decide to participate.

In low-risk behavior, of course.

Is anything “low risk,” you ask? Well, name your risk. For me, HIV is the risk I’m trying to avoid. If you’re trying to avoid herpes, Gonorrhea Pearlman (Cheers reference), syphilis, warts, chlamydia—everything is high risk unless you’re in a latex body suit. And then you run the risk of chafing. For all of the ambiguity surrounding the risk levels of various sexual practices between men, can we agree that receptive anal sex without a condom runs the highest risk for contracting HIV? (Fine: Receptive anal sex without a condom while sharing needles runs a higher risk.)

I feel duped. I had not signed up for anal sex. I thought there was an understanding: glory hole = blow job.

The never-ending corridors of sex clubs would be a great place to power walk. Old queens could lace up their Reeboks and head down to the local encounter establishment at 5am for a few laps. I can only troll these corridors so many times, passing the same faces over and over again, without wanting to throw in the cum rag.

I select a man and follow him into the adjoining glory hole.