How Senators’ Spouses Are Pushing the Radical Homosexual Agenda

It’s a little bit weird that Connie Schultz, the wife of Ohio’s Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown, has a nationally syndicated column going on while her husband is in office, because, Propaganda much? (During Brown’s campaign, Schultz took a leave of absence from the column.) But Schultz, a Pulitzer Award winner for commentary, has some pretty great things to say from her perch at the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, including this piece about the importance of same-sex hospital visitation rights — and you know it’s good when Ohio’s conservatives are upset about it and start throwing around terms like the “homosexual lobby.” But maybe having a newspaper column these days is really no different than having a blog (which Schultz also has, at the Huffington Post, though it hasn’t been updated since 2007) or even a campaign website or a Twitter account, since all those things are influencing public opinion these days. It gets a little stickier when Schultz is opining about issues that might come before her husband in the course of lawmaking, as she clearly is in the hospitals piece, but who says the spouses of elected officials can’t hold down careers? Even Massachusetts’ Sen. Scott Brown’s wife Gail is in the news biz.