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How Sherry Vine’s New Gay TV Network Plans To Revolutionize LGBT Programming For Millennials

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Sherry Vine is not only an amazing live singer and performer, she also knows how to entertain and command an audience online.

After several of her music video parodies went viral in the late 2000s and early 2010s, Sherry became a household name in the LGBT community.

Now, ready for the next chapter, Sherry recently announced the launch of gaySVTVworld. This new online TV network might be her most ambitious project so far, so we reached out and got all the exclusive details.

Read some of the exclusive details below or listen to the full podcast version of Sherry’s interview to hear all the specifics.

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Queerty: Hi Sherry!

Sherry Vine: Hi, how are you?

I’m good, how have you been?

Old. No, I’m kidding! I’m great.

Well, you don’t be old, you get old…

Gurl, I be old and be gettin’ older, OK! No, I’m really great honey, thank you.

Can you tell us a little bit about gaySVTVworld and why you decided to launch it?

The idea for gaySVTVworld started out much smaller. I’ve been doing music video parodies for seven years now, and at the time when I first started there weren’t a lot of people doing it. I got a lot of really great responses from that and it opened up a lot of doors. It was great! Now it’s really saturated and everyone is doing it, so, while I don’t want to stop creating parodies, I was just feeling a need to do something else. What’s the next chapter going to be?

Josh [Rosenzweig], my creative partner, wanted to do something creative, so we thought about doing a play. Then we thought we wanted to do something online, so we talked about doing a weekly variety show… and it kind of kept morphing and growing until we decided to do a whole season of new shows, running them like a network.

We’re doing this as an experiment and hopefully there’s enough interest in it that we can take it to the next level.

What about the new shows? What can we expect to see and who will be starring in them?

The shows in this first slate of programming launch on Sunday, February 14, starting with Sherry & The Greek, which will come out every Sunday. I’m costarring with YouTuber Chris Summers, who has his own YouTube show called Greek in the City. He’s super cute and fun and we have a great rapport. The show is a short-format talk show with everything being about three to five minutes.

On Mondays is EduGAYtion, which is our docu-style interview show. We’ve got people like Charles Busch, David Drake, Mistress Formika, Linda Simpson and a lot of different personalities. Plus, we’re going to continue to do a lot more people. It’s a short with them sharing their influences, what books they recommend to young gay people and so much more.

On Tuesdays it’s Fashion PuhLeez. I’ve always wanted to do a parody of Fashion Police and Project Runway, to kind of mash them together, and now that Rachel Zoe came out with her new show it had to happen! It’s a mash up of these different fashion things, with different guest commenting on what trends need to die, what trends need to come back.

On Wednesday nights it’s The Anita & Gina Maria Show, featuring the girls from The Haus of Mimosa. I’m not in that, but when I saw them live I thought they were like Laverne and Shirley and that they should have their own TV show. They created this show, wrote it, and shot it, and they’re delivering. The stuff I’ve seen so far is hilarious!

On Thursdays is Throwback Thursdays with Pickles. Pickles is a drag queen who documented a lot of drag shows from the 1990s, so she’ll be sharing a new throwback clip every week. The videos will feature people like Candis Cayne, me, Mistress Formika, Alexis Arquette. It’s some really amazing footage.

On Fridays it’s our telenovela series, The Flames of Hell’s Kitchen, which is very soap opera-y. It’s a fun scripted serial that features me, David Sarrano and other great talent.

And finally, the week ends on Saturdays with the premiere of a short film we’ve acquired from film makers around the world. They’re all amazing!

With a new show every night of the week, there’s something for everyone.

What is going to make gaySVTVworld different form other YouTube channels?

There’s tons of gay content out there. There’s tons of gay bloggers and gay webisodes for sure. This is different because there’s literally a new episode every day of the week for at least eight weeks. The shows are all different and they feature all different people. Sixty pieces of content.

And the best part is, if you missed an episode when it first came out you can go back and binge watch the whole season, just like Netflix.

It is like Netflix, except that it’s free! Josh, and I have never been motivated by money. We create because that’s who we are and that’s what we do. And hopefully we can make money doing it and people enjoy it, great, but that’s not the motivation for us.

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gaySVTVworld premieres Sunday, February 14. Watch the first episode of Sherry & The Greek below and don’t forget to subscribe to gaySVTVworld on YouTube to get daily content updates!