How Stephen Colbert Tricked Canadian Homosexuals Into Making Fun of Bigots

So this is how Stephen Colbert prepares his guests to look like deers in headlights on his television program! With the 2010 Winter Olympics in full swing, Colbert stops by Vancouver’s Pride House, a place where homosexuals plot their worldwide infiltration. And now watch how he explains about how willful ignorance translates into huge laughs!

The footage will be used in an upcoming segment. And maybe even a Super Bowl ad.

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  • zenflo

    I love almost anything related to Colbert (his school showers in Strangers With Candy even gave me a slight pelvic frisson).

    Still … this second clip kept me thinking, “Why are to we find SIX MINUTES of genial banter among Pride House volunteers and his gophers even mildly diverting?”.

  • zenflo

    @zenflo: (edit:) “Why are we to find…”

    Before I go … this headline, so over the top … Colbert is on our side … why phrase this as such?

  • Ian

    Grrrr i cant wait to see the segment now.

  • alan brickman

    still no gay atheltes showed up….

  • Josh AZ

    The best way to handle religious nuts is to LAUGH at them. That’s how we marginalize them, not by promoting them as scary cults that want to take over the world. They can’t and we shouldn’t create the impression that they can. Just laugh. Laugh, laugh, laugh.

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