How The Family Conned The New Yorker Into Absolving It Of Uganda’s Terror


Did you read Peter Boyer’s ginormous New Yorker profile of The Family, the shadowy C Street Christian refuge for elected officials who cheat or hate gay people? Some folks think Boyer sort of missed, or purposefully ignored and rewrote history when it comes to the organization’s ties to the Kill The Gays bill in Uganda. As in: The Family IS ALL OVER THAT SHIT like flies on starving Ugandan children, with the help of lawmaker (and the bill’s sponsor) David Bahati, but you wouldn’t know it from Boyer’s flimsy spin campaign.

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  • WalkderDC

    This is why the blogsphere is killing the media and the magazines. Zines like the New Yorker have gotten lazy, they don’t want to investigate, they just want to do the easy thing, get an interview. So in order to get the interview, they have to promise the subjects they won’t talk about certain things or make them look bad. Another nail in the coffin of print media.


    The now pretty much of a pamphlet, the Advocate current issue has a tremendous article about this whole mess in African countries and how scum from the United States are infecting those countries by advocating basically creating a Gay holocaust. What is absoultely scary is the rightwing scumbags are attempting to use the African countries as sort of a dry run for their ultimate wet dream to attempt to create similar laws in the United States. The fact that there are elected members of congress from this country activly encouraging creating bills in another country advocating the imprisonment and death penalty for Gay citizens of another country is beyond comprehension.

    We sometimes toss humorus barbs at the frightwing lunatics in this country. When you realize there are people who have an actual desire to do serious harm to our community it becomes kinda sorta frightning……….

  • adman

    Remember how a few weeks ago the Black American community had many voices representing here on Queerty? There wasn’t a big Black homophobic threat to us, we were told. We are all racists, we were told. Where are they now? ChiTownKev? KevC? Black Pegasus? It appears they are off somewhere choking on the shreds of their integrity, since they can’t seem to muster their own critique of these events in their own words. Black people hate them some faggots, in their opinion, it’s acceptable to rise up against your neighbor and kill him, and the enlightenment was created by a bunch of Nazi Queers, trying to subjugate the Black man and his “masculinity”, if you can call it that.
    Where is the Magic Negro to rise above this situation now? The Black community is such a source of spriritual and moral strength for America, huh? Like Denzel himself is gonna set this right. Black people are the true Americans, right? This experiment in human endeavor has yielded nothing for America and Americans IMO, if LGBT’s don’t also get our rights to equality, and anyone who disagrees, can suck my dick. Daddy’s home, and you’re not my daddy, Black America. I wish I a fly on KevC’s wall as he comments on the Gov’s race in Mass, and deems unimportant the progress of a STRAIGHT black man fighting for us as he cowers in his fucking chicken shit church position. Touch a Black queer, you’ll get nothing but problems.

  • Kev C

    @adman: huh, you want my opinion? Sure, Patrick Duval is one of the good guys. About the NYer article, it’s a long rambling article but says that the Family worked to retract the ‘kill the gays’ bill.

    I don’t know, but I’m not the one trying to white-wash the issue.

  • adman

    @Kev C: Ahhh, you’re not working for the NYer, so jury’s still out on whether the typical critique of Black homophobic attitudes and it’s near destruction of the SGL movement in America is a racist one. Thanks, two face. Oh, and you’re a near apologist in your reply for fundy churches YET AGAIN, so you might want to tread even more lightly, since empty critique seems to be your forte. Just trying to help, you know.

  • Kev C

    @adman: I’ve noticed that some whites, and some blacks want to blame black/african homophobic attitudes on whites. It’s the (white) media’s fault. It’s the (white) churches fault. Or it’s because of colonialism .. whatever. I think these people are silly and dishonest and I disagree strongly with them. I’m here to tell the truth of what I know to the true.

  • adman

    @Kev C: Well, as a white Gay man who grew up in a predominately black area and HAD to be committed to community issues for the mere sake of survival, all I have to say is this: I have no voice, because unbeknownst to me, I have been all along, since childhood, a dupe of the Illuminati. Yes, It’s hard to digest, but our SGL identity comes from the slave master, (Was he white? Arabic speaking? Jewish? African” non-body seems to know) and his conscription of us from birth in to the “sun god’s” conspiracy against the black man and his inherent right to his masculinity uber-alles. I’ve been thrown out of business transactions, I’ve been stalked, I’ve been slandered by the homophobic black folk I share a community with, and I want to know, all of you cats who can afford to be out, how do you do it? How do you sell out and leave the community behind and still have the nerve to act as if you’re some player in the dialogue these days? Coming on here calling white folks out when you are nothing but yellow, (where you’re not completely transparent) These churches are breeding people to prime them for jail in one ear, and selling them the inherently homophobic revolutionary rhetoric in the other. All I can say to you is: Well? Now what, bobo? Next SGL black man that calls me a racist is getting dealt with, period.

  • Kev C

    The reason why the ‘kill the gays’ bill exists is because it’s popular with the Ugandan people. It has nothing to do with colonialism or white influence, although some want to imagine whites have influence over blacks, the truth is they don’t. It’s mainly about heterosexual africans scapegoating gays for the problem of AIDS. They think that the way to stop AIDS is to kill the gays. It’s just that simple.

    According to polls and voting patterns, homophobia in some african countries is rated as high as 98%. So good luck with your “blame whitey” campaign. People who believe such serve no truth, and do disservice all.

  • adman

    @Kev C: “According to polls and voting patterns, homophobia in some african countries is rated as high as 98%. So good luck with your “blame whitey” campaign. People who believe such serve no truth, and do disservice to all.”

    And your service to us all is what? Besides labeling frustrated American LGBT’s as racists, what are your ideas? I was talking about the good ‘ol USA, not Africa, stay on point and answer me or admit you’re bereft, and just pretending at some kind of imaginary contribution. Queerty obviously wants to know, or they wouldn’t publish this sh*t about black homophobia and it’s corrosive effect on social progress in this country in the first place, now would they? Enlighten us, oh SGL wise one. Now’s your chance.

  • Kev C

    Staying on topic .. Africa has a AIDS problem. Uganda has several programs to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS, and seen some success with these programs. These programs recieve funding from international sources. This money goes to every group that fights AIDS. From Uganda government agencies, TV and media, to churches and health organizations, big and small. Fighting AIDS is a money making business and good for the community. A social goal.

    So someone decides that a program to prevent gays from spreading the disease is a good idea and it recieves popular support. And the only way to do that is to imprison them, deport them or kill them. So they have a real reason for killing gays.

    If you want to blame whitey for this, maybe you should look at those who fund AIDS prevention programs. Because money is the main motivator in the real world.

  • adman

    @Kev C: Staying on topic then, let’s discuss where these distinctions of “gay and straight” come from in African cultures, shall we? The church, funded by millions of African American collection plates over decades, that’s where. Butress that with “African” identity and revolutionary rhetoric catering to it, there you have it, the money supply. So White churches cottoned on to it in the last few years, who do you think pulled their coats in the first place? Apologize for all things “black” never admit the sad truth, that’s your MO, isn’t it? Even though “Blackness” itself is as much of a construct as “americaness” is. As long as it excludes queers, what do they care? The question I am asking you AA apologists is this: What do you care? I don’t see that you do, so you’ll have to explain why you’re minds are still held hostage at the expense of all of us. The “rest of us” do exist, you know. I figured I’d tell you since you don’t seem to get it.

  • Chris

    I am so beyond confused as to your positions, adman, it’s crazy.

    One the one hand you are attacked people as AA apologists, next you are blaming white people for black homophobia.

    Who don’t you hate, and who do you support? Because I sure as hell can’t figure it out.

    We get it, you hate black people, especially those who are oppressing queers. How is that constructive?

  • Kev C

    @adman: Millions of collection plates? Try US tax dollars and people donating to charity. The money to fight AIDS doesn’t just go to Ugandans or africans, it goes to western charity groups that have outreach programs in Africa. Most of these are christian groups. Why do you think George W. Bush quadrupled the funding to fight AIDS in Africa? Spending $17 Billion with the approval of the gay community and people like Bob Geldolf.

  • adman

    @Kev C: “Most of these are christian groups” Is there an echo in here?

  • adman

    @Chris: GTFO. You’re just hearing someone trying to work out things without kissing ass to a minority who hates him. I know, you’re dizzy. You’ll get used to it. Go call your mother a hater, since that’s what’ll score you some cred points these days.

  • Chris

    You’re not “working out things” you are sitting here ranting. I don’t understand how you could be working towards making a more just, equitable future, or battling homophobia in the black community, with all of this pent up aggression and deep-seated hatred.

    I’m not saying you have to apologize to the black community for being white. You don’t have to kiss their ass because of the threat of racism. But if you don’t want to be called a racist, try not spouting nonsense such as the conflation of one black organization’s hatred of queers with blanket statements about black people in general.

  • adman

    @Chris: You are so full of shit. I’m talking about my life in real time, dipshit. It’s the same dynamic as you staying in your closet in real time and then coming on queerty to defend black homophobia, except for me it’s real. If I couldn’t work out my inherent white privilege with black people, my business partner wouldn’t show up tomorrow, nor would our employees. If you could have a dialogue without playing some oppressed role, you’d be helping to, but you can’t because you’re obviously carry a little of the bigot’s baggage yourself. Another tireless defender of some group of assholes, great. Just what queers need.

  • Kev C

    @adman: What I’m saying is that The Family didn’t propose the bill. They didn’t suggest it, endorse it or support it. It wouldn’t be in their interest ($$$!) to do so. The question is whether The Family actively opposed the bill, as the article states.

    Who should you blame for the kill the gays bill? Ugandans.

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