oh noze!

How the Family Research Council Finally Managed to Scare the Bejeezus Out of Me

“And there you have it,” writes hate biographer Jeremy Hooper about the Family Research Council’s new ad. “Yet again, social conservatives pitting gays against America. Just look at the graphic. One soldier proudly displaying old glory — the others apparently fighting to defend only the Castro and/or West Hollywood.” As if that could be the only ridiculous part of the full-color spot.

Pelosi and Levin, the ad claims, “have announced plans to ignore military leaders and force open homosexuality on the military by amending the Defense Authorization bill. Both Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mike Mullen have asked Congress to allow the military to complete their review of overturning ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ before Congress acts.”

What is funny/sad is that the plan in place actually gives control over ending DADT to the military.

And then FRC goes on to attack Rep. Patrick Murphy, an Iraq veteran.

Does the FRC give tours of its headquarters? They should. It’s a fantasyland they live in.