How the Gays Will Take Advantage of iPhone’s New Multitasking

At yesterday’s orgy for Mac enthusiasts, Borg leader Steve Jobs showed off the new features coming in iPhone OS 4. Things like folders and background customization and a centralized gaming service. But the feature most iPhone users will appreciate is multitasking: the ability to run more than one app at once, leaving open your favorite toys in the background. We have an idea how the homosexuals will take advantage.

You’re home alone on the couch, watching Rachel Maddow take on the GOP inside her MSNBC app, when Grindr Xtra alerts you via push that the cutie you’ve been waiting to sign online has sent you a message. You put Rachel on pause and load up Grindr, only to see your GPS-based flame is actually out of town, but just wanted to say hello. Upset, you launch Gay Internet Radio Live to find some mellow tunes to match you mood, when all of a sudden My Gay Agenda reminds you April is LGBT Awareness Month, and you’ve got nothing planned, but hey look there’s a DADT Repeal rally this weekend about a six-hour drive away. So you send it to the background and fire up GayCities to see if there are any gay-owned hotels there so you have a place to crash overnight; you use Ask Cotton to decide between the chi-chi haunt or the more affordable B&B. Travel plans set, and with an evening still devoid of company, you load up AGaySpot to get the location of that cruisy truck stop you just got a Facebook message about. Checking in with Cool Guy to see if your wardrobe matches your X-rated goal, you push the Hanky Codes icon to figure out if you’re supposed to wear that yellow handkerchief in your left front or back right pocket.