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How The LDS Church Conned Dustin Lance Black Into Celebrating Christmas With Bigots

Dustin Lance Black may have renounced his relationship with the Mormon Church, but when LDS invited he, WordPerfect founder Bruce Bastian, and Equality Utah founder Jim Dabakis to attend its Christmas concert, how could they say no? Black says the church’s invite was a “extraordinary act of goodwill.”

Asked for comment, the church responds:

Even organizations like The Radical Homosexual Activist Agenda, apparently.

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  • SteveC

    God is a useless, fake fucker.

    Just wanted to state that as it’s the right season.

    Happy atheist christmas. have a wonderful day celebrating the sacred holiday of Santa.

    For 2011 I hope there are abortions and gay marriages for everyone!

  • Daez

    @SteveC: Atheists don’t believe in God. You have a personal vendetta against him. Your personal vendetta reeks of actual belief in God. You seem to be completely angry that the right took over Jesus. You allow them to do so every time you express your vendetta.

    God isn’t homophobic and neither is religion as a whole. Don’t let people like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and the Pope who abuse religion to get their own personal power, turn you into an angry bitter person over religion.

  • D Smith

    Anyone else get the feeling that LDS is merely doing this to attempt to repair the damage to their image caused by the prop 8 fiasco?

  • adman

    @Daez: “God isn’t homophobic and neither is religion as a whole.” Go troll somewhere else liar.

  • Cassandra


    In this case, you are playing the troll. Daez’s remark is, perhaps, the first thing he/she has posted that is reasonably accurate.

    The bias against homosexuals that some people read into religious texts is a case of projection – they read into the text support for their own bad behavior. Anti-gay theology is excuse making, and people make excuses when they are doing or have done something wrong.

    Remember that – every homophobe is just making excuses for doing something he or she knows is wrong.

  • Joe

    Black is always not responsible for his actions whether it’s his latest photo op with gay haters or his safe sex campaign and his true barebacking self.

  • Adam

    I heard Black speak at a local university, and he said that the only way we can change bigots, is to talk with them and to be visible. This fits in with his philosophy.

  • Adam Jones

    Queerty is always so divisive and full of hate for everyone and everything. How about you actually start suggesting (and acting upon) ways for us to have equality instead of just being the bitter old queen in the corner tearing everyone down. Oh wait… it’s easier just to sit on your ass and bitch about everything, isn’t it?

  • Rick Heintz

    While my first response to this was good I completely changed my mind at the end of the news package. In fact I almost clicked off the feed because I thought it was over and then I heard it…The LDS Church wants to start at homeless shelter for LGBT youth that offers “counseling”? This may be a bit off topic but I feel this is really important due to that comment…. We know for a fact that the Mormons believe in conversion therapy and that suicide rates for LGBT youth that come from Mormon families are far higher than the average rate. Is this really a group that we want taking children in?

    I know from experience that LGBT adults shy away from youth because of the stereotype that we all molest children. When I was in my early 30’s and president of a bear club I wanted to do something for our youth and was told by the board that we couldn’t because people will think we have “other” motives for helping them and I backed down. A couple of months ago my fellow bartenders and I reached out to a local youth organization to do a fundraiser for them and it’s my belief that they didn’t respond because we’re a leather bar. (Side note: We found another youth group and the fundraiser was awesome) It is time for us to take action for our youth. We cannot expect people to change their minds about sterotypes without action.

    We as a community cannot stand by and let groups, especially ones that look at us as second class citizen, come in to take over a responsibility that is ours. (Yes… it ours like it or not) We all came together a couple of months ago for the Trevor Project because of the awareness the mainstream media brought to the forefront but now that has passed. Where did everyone go? Kids are still being tormented across the country and still are attempting suicide and some have no home. I hear people complain about the kids in front of the local community center every day and I have to agree with Adam Jones… It’s time to step up to the plate. We fight for all these rights as an adult and yes it is VERY exciting to see our lives changing before our eyes and I will stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone fighting for equality. While equality is something we need to strive for we can’t leave these kids to fend for themselves. If we do, many will not be around to benefit from our fight. In my opinion, if we fail these kids we have failed as a community.

  • Adam Jones

    @Rick Heintz: It doesn’t say counselling. It says support. The law in UT is that no one (including homeless shelters) can harbour minors overnight. I can’t remember if this is just boys, or girls as well but obviously it is a big problem. If gay youth are kicked out, no one can legally take them in. The church has a LOT of influence in UT and could change that law. I really dislike the Moron church, but I don’t think this is a ploy to try and convert gay youth. They also have now stated that it is fine to be gay (so no need for conversion) but you cannot act upon it. The sin is in the sex, not the attraction. You can even have a life partner, just no sex. Crazies.

    The movie 8:The Mormon Proposition (funded by Bruce and narrated by Dustin!) actually discussed the issue of homeless youth in UT. Check it out!

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