How the London 2012 Olympics Is Going to Make Itself Look Even Gayer

When the Olympics arrive in London in 2012, attendees (and visitors to, I’m sure) will have the chance to purchase special edition gay badges “featuring the rainbow flag and London 2012 logo.” Even rugby champ Gareth Thomas approves of the idea! But, uh, aren’t the London 2012 Olympics already sporting the gayest emblem evs?

Think of the children!

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    Those mascots are simply too bizzare for words…………

  • Wyatt

    Who approved this? Were they high?

  • Paul Mc

    At least they are not yet another dreary stuffed toy come to life.

    Certainly the gayest mascots … now with added rainbow ‘community diversity’. Hurrah.

    Expect gays and drag queens at opening ceremony.

  • jeffree

    Yowza: I did not realize that use of halllucinogenic ‘shrooms was so rampant among UK advertising/ marketing execs. Thats’ serious nightmare material — not appropriate for humans under 9 y/o.

    I hope they reconsider these mascots. And go for the de-tox……

  • Jason Dancin'

    one-eyed purplish monsters with ridges for heads and a long shaft of a body, anyone?

    can i suck one?

  • Jason Dancin'

    oops they aren’t purple they’re white
    i still want to suck one


    @Jason Dancin’: You know when something is as obvious as the nose on your face?? (Or in this case the dick between your legs :-p) I actually didn’t get the absolutly phallic look of those peen people mascots untill I saw your posts. And being that they are English its only proper they are proper English peen with a turtleneck sweater………(If you’ve been, you know exactaly what I am talkin’ ’bout :-p )

  • Alexander

    The whole world’s bizarre…

  • Felix

    Cute! Loved’em

  • Jason Dancin'

    @Plays Well With Others. I play well with you. ;)
    Everything I see in this world is through a penis-colored lens. Peen, peen, peen everywhere. I’m gay, out, proud, and I love it. Oh gotta go…a penis is calling.

  • ksu499

    Wow. And I thought Izzy was bad.

  • Tonic

    I love that they’re imaginative and leaning towards abstract and weird. Unless they look different in other photos, I have never seen a penis that looks similiar – and I’ve seen alot.

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